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  1. The other terminator sucked, except T2.. hopefully this one is good, depends on IMDb if I see it or not… or just stay home watch netflix…

  2. Terminator Dark Fate early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive! That makes me so happy since everyone has been shit talking it. Critics and fans who have attended early screenings have raved about Dark Fate on Twitter. If you're still not confident about this movie, go check out the early reviews on Twitter! Critics are saying this Terminator film rivals T1. 😃

  3. Now i see what they meant with "defeating trolls and haters"
    bots autoliking this video to mislead people to go see it, so not to fail like Ghostbusters 2016, but this is pitiful, as everyone this movie is going to be shit.
    Nice try, Cameron.

  4. This strikes me as the feminists version of Terminator. Just strong independent women and who don’t need no man saving the world effortlessly.

    They are not flawed or imperfect, they seem like they easily stand up to the terminator cause they’ve done it so many times. Just unstoppable and fearless.

    But that’s counter to the original where the two heroes are mostly powerless to stop the terminator and have to stay on the run.

    It’s hard to connect with a character who can’t be represented as vulnerable lacking perfection in any way.

    Even the Terminator looks like a male-feminist vegan Soy-boy.

  5. 냉정하게 기관총 바추카포 꺼내드는 린다 헤밀턴씨 멋있어. 사라 코너 유치원 시절 부터 사랑해 왔는데 더, 더 멋있어 졌어요.

  6. 여성서사 너무 좋다.맥켄지씨 촬영장 사진 올라왔을때부터 내내 개봉을 기다려왔습니다.

  7. There is nothing unique about the CGI on this film compare to Terminator 2, we've seen it all… Love to see a newer technical innovation like what they did in the Matrix-bullet time effect

  8. When arnold only appears for 15 to 20 minutes in this movie you know this reboot will suck.

  9. 1991 T2: chases after John Connor by big Austrian accented dude, car chase, fight in a factory, liquid metal terminator, etc.
    2019 Dark Fate: chases after girl, protected by girls, car chase, fight in a factory, liquid metal terminator, etc.

    Looks like I've already seen this movie.

  10. You're not allowed to show strong men anymore coz she's and feminists get offended. So Arnold can't play the lead .. You are only allowed to show strong women or transgenders…..how fuckin stupid

  11. James Cameron would never put his name on trash. That being said, I actually liked this trailer. Lets hope for the best!

  12. ooooook so many likes yet all the top comments are anti this movie, more AstroTurf? side note no way will a bunch of females be doin shit to the terminator…strongest yet? ok in 2 he had a though time fighting that shit and now we have a stronger version and some chicks gonna kill it? HAHAHHAHAHA PASS the movies ended after the 2nd one

  13. This movie started getting good reviews calling it the best Terminator sequel since T2… well now I’m interested

  14. The continued replacing leading men with women continues. I enjoy kick ass women but I am against this constant pandering to women by replacing men. In a war of the sexes men would obliterate women. I laugh when I hear the nonsense of the patriarchy .

  15. If Hollywood wants to empower more women, the answer isn't giving them hand-me-downs of the same roles/characters already run into the ground by men. How about giving them new ones?

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