TEENAGER Gym Workout Routine To Build Muscle! (FAST RESULTS!!)



  1. I am 15 and follow all your dumbell workouts,bcause I only have dumbells and don't have money right now to go to the gym
    I do 3 sets of every workout…..Is it good

  2. Can do you a video on what to eat and how much and everything food related while working out for teens?

  3. I do upper lower upper lower rest for the weekend because I have weight training class Monday-Thursday

  4. Do you have a video on 40 year olds who want to start to Exercise. Do we have a chance to change our bodies or is it to late.?

  5. I personally do Push, Pull, Legs.
    Monday: Push, Tuesday: Pull, Wednesday: Rest, Thursday: Legs, Friday: Push, Saturday: Pull, Sunday: Rest.

  6. Are there any supplements you recommend for 13 year olds? Or should I just eat enough and workout?

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