1. another 20 boards…ever wonder where the broken ones go, and if the earth can sustain an endless and growing supply of disposable surfboards, sups, paddles, etc.?
    also, are you sure the plastic, disposable boards are the highest performance?…i mean they tell us they are…but they are only the highest performance 'available' for mass production, so the modern day corporate manufacturer and sponsor can continue pumping out PLASTIC surf products, and clothing, for a PLASTIC SURFMART industry that has been created…mostly on the backs of the worlds best surfers like koa.
    truth is, these plastic pieces of toxic waste ARE NOT the highest performance surfboards, and you stuntmen risk your lives to promote their plastic bullshit industry.
    wish you boys would think about that and help change things.
    stay safe koa…and friends. keep ripping!

  2. Great upper body workout Koa for paddling power pull ups are the ultimate, do you have a leg day? If you could choose only one Pyzel board and dims what would it be Ghost, Radius, Phantom or Next Step?

  3. I'm old and broken and not your average surfer when it comes to size. 6.3 and 113kgs. My regime is a monster before each surf.

  4. any tips on getting a sponsor bro?? been trying to for a while but i keep seeing these damn groms who cant even do a turn to save their life with a fully stickered board brah!!!! im just tryna surf for the rest of my life 🙌🏾😩🤧♥️

  5. Thanks for sharing Koa, looks like a solid circuit. Any chance you know the size of that Swiss ball you’re using?

  6. Another one that would be helpful is what you do on trips when it's flat – I'm guessing you don't travel with that ball, right?

  7. Koa. For the love of all that is holy, 1 part bleach to 10 parts water on that whole place once a week. Ring Worm is real. Source – every high school wrestling team everywhere.

  8. The duck was like you just had a machete in your hand and was looking for things to eat,…. peace bro

  9. Did you punch the holes in the wall in the work out room on a bad day or what??? I know we've all done it b4.. Just curious?

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