Super Sweaty Step Aerobics At Home Workout with Four Combos (Intermediate)



  1. Love all your videos but this is one of my faves. So fun. Took a few days to figure out the cutting the corners move but I eventually got it!

  2. Super shweaty! I look forward to kicking it up a little bit more next time! Thanks for all the great work outs Jenny!

  3. I find myself always coming back to your videos, clear directions makes all the difference in a step work out thanks

  4. Just tried and finished this one. I appreciate the clear directions and repetitive-build-upon moves! And as stated in the title, I was 'super sweaty' when I finished. THANK YOU! 🙂

  5. Love it! Took a cue from you and used a set of risers (for the first time in years!). Very fun and challenging. I love your options; I can do some of them. The others I will work toward. New challenges like the options keep my motivated. Hugs, Carol

  6. Thank you for this great step workout! I love that it is not "dancy"- just solid moves. Could you do another one in this time amount (about 45 min) with more of the old early 90's "alphabet" steps and around the world moves and maybe some 80's music? I love how you cue and transition into parts of the routine. Thanks! Step is truly the only exercise I ENJOY doing 🙂

  7. 이 영상을 1년동안 수없이 하고 있어요.너무 훌륭한 루틴입니다 👍
    이 정도 수준의 스텝 박스 영상이 많이 올라왔으면 좋겠어요 공복 운동으로도 큰 무리도 없으면서 땀이 샘 솟네요 운동하고 나면 기분이 너무 좋고 뿌듯합니다 intermediate level 스텝 박스 영상 많이 부탁해요

  8. Great way to start my morning. Not only a great body challenge but a mental challenge too. You have great energy and a great way to encourage people during the workout. Thanks Jenny.

  9. Thanks Jenny!! Love your choreography. I've been teaching for over 30 years now and use to teach all formats of step.. They decided to add it back to our morning schedule with me teaching it and the members are loving it. Came to YOUTUBE tonight to get inspired by other ideas and can't wait to try these out on my members tomorrow. Thanks again.

  10. I love all of Jenny's step workouts but this is one my absolute favorites. Fun combos and many ways to take it up a notch.

  11. I really liked this one, Jenny. Enjoyed it very much. Cueing was also fantastic. Since I'm more used to old-school advanced step, I added a riser and I got an excellent workout. Thank you. I hope you have more like this one.

  12. This is just so great! Very smart combos that keep the mind/body connection sharp throughout the routine. Thank you for all you do Jenny!

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