Summer Shred 2019 | Full Day of Eating & Fasting to get Lean



  1. These Type of guy comments had me in stitches 😂😂😂, luv what you doing bro keep it up 👊🏼

  2. Greg it might be a good idea to look into the effects of processed food on the gut and the effects on general health. If i were you i wouldn't promote bounty bars etc as a part of a diet/eating plan.

  3. Wearing a backwards cap in the gym 😂 one the them guys hahahaha

  4. That cough sounded like you should get that shit out lol start doing cardio for about 3 days, nothing but water & itll be out in no time

  5. Question: one time I had just started my cut, and felt great so I went a few hundred calories under.. next day I felt terribleeeee and sore as heck. Would you stick with the calories or add the calories you didn’t the day before to make up?

  6. Terrible vascularity for 6% body fat. Literally no vascularity a minute in to the vid. Athlean x is vascular as fuck in comparison.

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