Sterling K. Brown Explains His "No Gym" Workout | Train Like A Celebrity | Men's Health



  1. Awesome video. Have him do a whats in the fridge and 1 day eatting journal to give a complete view.

  2. People especially older be sleeping on jumping Jack's since they not kids anymore….that shit is a perfect cardio workout to get the sweat going like shirt can be drenched in sweat if you do it enough

  3. Good one…but pull up is not something you can do anywhere. You need to have something that holds ur weight and something that you can hold n grip easy..

  4. I was like butt-up? That sounds gay.. then I saw the exercise and realized I been doing butt-ups for the past few months. lol

  5. This man has few qualities which many don't have these days
    He is humble ,generous ,calm and a down to earth fellow 👌👌

    This workout is surely what will help guys like me to be fit 👍👍
    Thank you Sir for being such an inspiration

  6. That's the guy from this one episode of Brooklyn nine nine with the dentist. He probably does a lot of other stuff, but never seen him anywhere xD

  7. He sounds like the type of guy who will pick you up at a gym, take you home, fuck you, then make a healthy breakfast for you in the morning.

  8. I do this at home. Except I I to a weaker version of the pull ups laying down pulling up of my kitchen table.
    But it’s still a nice pump! Thanks for the free work out. 💪

  9. Three questions for a person trying to get to back into shape Answers would Be greatly appreciated!!!

    1. Is this considered a full body weight workout? If not what constitutes as a full body weight workout/ what exercises can be added to make the workout into a full body weight workout?

    2.What’s, a beginner version of this workout?

    3. The butt ups seem risky due to the lower back issue so what Ab exercises can I substitute for the butt ups?

    Any help would Ben appreciated thanks!

  10. This is a really good one. I added 100 jump ropes between all exercises and did two rounds. Will be putting this in my routine. Thanks!

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