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  1. Why haave we not given Marcus Rashford a new contract?! WTF is our club when we have great youth that’s come up is showing is worth and we have owners running down their contracts. This club is going to be run into the ground. I hope next season the bois start and finish well but as for now I hope that players pogba, rashford, Lingard etc decide to stay even with the board trying to be as greedy as possible.

  2. There will be no big transfer kitty-the Glazers and Woodward will not sanction it-we will end up making last minute panic buys at inflated prices as we have done for the last five years-and the trophieless will continue-we need new owners.

  3. We don't want Bale at United unless he is coming on a free transfer. He turned us down so many times, right now it's too late

  4. It will be a complete waste to buy Bale.Why do some players think United is their safe heaven.

  5. We won't loose if get Griezman really. Griezman is the most football intelligent player really. However, the fit is as fitting to fit him based on the way we play. He would have to play outside wing really. Am with you on Kante.

  6. When Bale decided 12 years ago to go to those eternal losers Spurs i decided that i would NEVER want this scum

  7. Stop mentioning Koulibaly, you can't afford him and we won't sell him;unless you don't Break-in a Huge Bank!

  8. I believe varane wants a new challenge and man united is the perfect place for him especially if pogba is going to be captain I could guarantee he'd want Varane first so I think we should offer Madrid Bailly and money for this deal

  9. Would have taken Bale 2 or 3 years ago but not now. We need young players that Ole can shape.

  10. Who we arent signing:
    De Ligt

    Who we should sign:

  11. Am Ghanaian but if Fosu Mensah can reach his full potential he'll be better than Michael Essien.

  12. Its so obvious how this is going to go.   Zidane will offer bale plus cash for Pogba and barca Will offer Couthino Plus cash for Pogba.   Pogba only has 24 month on his initial contract and riola will force you to cash in on him or watch his value and performences diminish like alexis.   It won't be a cash only deal because ed will want a marquee play as well as cash so he doesn't feel totally abused by Pogba.  Once this happens you will be a bigger banter club then arsenal

  13. Man Utd have to start building the team round Pogba Tuanzebe Mensah Chong Gomes Greenwood Rashford Martial and buy 22-26 years old talent like Dybala Veratti.

  14. Zlatan is the Lion mark we are united funs too and we know hes the 👑,.. you just need to swallow your pide and jump in the train.. The only person who is obsessed is you.. You are soo obsessed with united to an extent of assuming tht there are no legends out of united.. Cmon mark we all know zlatan is the lion..,

  15. You really have no respect for players,.. Sanchez was in barca.. Am sure pple saw talent in him to be able to player and definately he can play better than you..,his time os coming. Players are humans they have ups and downs like everybody else,..why did we bring zlatan and he was old?? Cmon mark u need to stop thinking tht your opinion its always right,..

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