Snack Ideas for Weight Watchers Freestyle | Weight Watchers Wednesday | August 15, 2018



  1. Im not on weight watchers or any diet at all BUT….oh my gdness who doesnt want to eat yummy def. Going to try the 🍌 popsicles..kinda already eat everything else you mentioned so tfs!#IGfamily😘😊👌

  2. New subbie and this is the first of your videos I watched. You are awesome!!! Thank you for all these options! I hope my Walmart carries those Bomb Pops and Peanut Butter Cups. Thank you!

  3. Great video thanks for all the information on the snacks good thing to know I’m gonna to try a few …. as you lose weight to your points go down ?

  4. I love Goldfish, they are soo good!! Also, my hubby is a diabetic, so he already eats/loves the sugar free Jello pudding! Those banans pops look awesome, will have to look for thos and that Bolthouse Ranch dressing!! TY SO much for sharing all these yummy snacks!!😊💕

  5. Hi LaLa👋🏻🖐🏻I always bought the WW chocolate Carmel and would eat the whole box lol!!! Thanks for sharing this info!! Congrats on that loss!! I’m so happy for you and I wish you continued success!!!!! TFS💕😊🐚gracie

  6. I love the banana fudge pops & goldfish. I don't do weight watchers but you gave me lots of new ideas for decent healthier snacks. Tfs. 💕

  7. I love the Sprinkle Me Pink bars but I have not seen them in awhile. The So Good Caramel ww mini bars. They are so good but limited batch.

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