Simple Steps to Break FAT LOSS PLATEAU! (Hindi / Punjabi)



  1. But how can we change the diet so frequently? Specially for vegetarians who don't even eat egg like me? I need to lose weight. So what are the different diets I can follow?

  2. sani bai meri higt 5.3 ha or w8 6.5 ha kabi kuc 3 4 point upr ho jata ha kbi nichy mera age or higt k hisab kitna hona chye plzz bta dein age 37 ha

  3. mera w8 b rick gea tha aj apki vidio dekhi ha to kal se ab asa hi kru gi jesy ap ne kha

  4. I've been on no carb diet for 10 days. I've lost 8 kilos. but for last 3 days my weight has struck on a definite scale. so does it mean that I hit the plateau?

  5. Could you please make video on Skinny fat in girls. I am having hard time finding a perfect video on it. Mother of two kids. Please suggest something in diet.

  6. Hi sunny following almost all video of you.
    I am 42 year's of age and am on a weight loss.
    I was 96.5kgs on 20th may and with your help have reached 82 kgs in 3 months. Now I have stopped loosing weight and also no inch loss too.
    I feel I have reached this plateau which you are talking about.
    I have followed all what you said but still no change.
    Please help.

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