Should I Lose Weight??



  1. The food you put in your body is 80% of weight loss. Focus on nourishing yourself, not the calories. You don't crave unhealthy foods or too much food when you have enough nutrients.

  2. I love this video. so as a nurse I have been that person who, whilst never considering shaming anyone over the internet, didn’t really “get” how being overweight/obese was a positive thing. You have really helped shine a light on my ignorance in such a beauts way. Thank you xx

  3. Sierra I want to say thank you so much for these vids. I'm 30 now and since I was about 10-11 I have been bigger than most. In high school I was 190lbs a size 15 and those were the toughest yrs of my life, but I wasn't just bullied at school. My family did it too. I'm a size 6/7 now and it's true, I still find issues I don't like about myself. Your such an inspiration and I'm learning so much from you.

  4. I haven't seen this video yet but if losing weight will help with health issues, or one day getting pregnant, then yes, maybe consider it. If you want to address any pain issues or have more energy, it may or may not help. That is all. Also, you are so pretty! 🙂

  5. if you stick to eating healthy food as well as healthy amounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and stop "snacking" (which is completely unnecessary if you eat healthy main meals) you'd be at a healthy weight. It's that easy.

  6. Don't know when you filmed this and I'm not being disrespectful but it seems to me as if you have gained weight since started watching you about 5 months I don't think you should lose a lot of weight but I'm worried it won't stop

  7. Sierra, you are a beautiful soul. Lose weight to be healthier. Be you. Be as you have been. Life is too short! You speak positivity into each post you make. I watch you because you show you, the good, the bad, the ugly. Period. You thrive because at the beginning, middle, end of a day, your message of loving a body in change is empowering!!!!!!!!! Love you girlie, stay true to you! XOXO😊

  8. Sierra!!!!! I needed this so much. I’ve been really struggling with body image and I’m in recovery for an eating disorder. I’m still working on separating my appearance/weight/size from my worth. Thanks so much for tackling this topic 💙

  9. At 42, this totally hits home. I have always strive for weightloss and like you achieved it and it didn't make me happy. I know am a UK dress size 10 and a mum of 2. Am I really going to wear a top that can show my abs NO 😂 I now focus on health and mental health ❤️ I hope this vlog helps many people struggling as what you say is real and defo the best way to go ❤️ xx

  10. Love this video Sierra. I am a size 12 as well and this video really helped me. I'm so glad you are a Youtuber I can relate to. Keep up the good work!

  11. It's true … Actually body positivity is misused by either extremely obese women to feel confident or unbothered about their health or by extremely ripped and insta model type women to say go feel good. We see videos of so many supermodels on youtube who literally eat nothing and we try to mimick them in our lives while ruining our metabolism and mental health. And there are many fit body youtubers too who show us how much they eat and still look so lean and wonderful in bikinis, We can't relate to them with our figures. And there're ones who r extreme obese and ask us to love ourselves despite having serious health issues. I just want to say it's fine how you look if you're working out, living an active energetic lifestyle, eating healthy and your weight and inches r in healthy range.. You need to be consciously proactive towards your lifestyle but not obsessed too.. And let's give our mental health also a priority. posting a link to my blog which is not in detail as such but a short story of my one year span after delivery

  12. I’m so happy I found your channel! I love the message your sending to young girls such as myself Love ya Sierra 💕

  13. It's really hard to love my body the way it is but I try to think of the positive and beautiful things about myself. And it's difficult to lose some unwanted fat or gain a bit of muscle because I physically can't eat healthy. I know a lot of people would say just try it and it'll be fine. But you don't understand my body immediately rejects any vegetables that I want to eat. It's going to be a hard journey for me and a long one. Please let me know if anyone relates about the vegetables thing cause I always feel alone in that situation.🤗

  14. Hey Sierra! I'm a newer fan and really enjoying your content! I actually really needed to hear this message today. I've never gotten into the weight loss fad cycle, but the negative self talk is definitely something that gets to me sometimes. I struggle accepting that I have a little bit of fat here or my underarms look weird or any number of things. I had a really rough time when I was younger of being depressed and surviving on literally Ensure protein shakes and pb&j sandwiches. I looked fine on the outside, but inside I wasn't. I want that girl to be happy and love herself. I am so much better now!!

    Thank you for making this video!

  15. I absolutely love this video, as someone who for the longest time has been between a size 12-16 it was hard to look in the mirror after gaining weight. I lost my job this past February and I went through a depressive state and I'm now a size 20. I am still trying to love who I am now and it is hard because sometimes I feel like I don't even recognize myself..I have all the tools to lose weight its just putting forth the effort. I have been making little changes here and there though.

  16. Please listen to a 39 year old who has been there & done that at least 3 times in her life. Don't "try to lose weight". Develop healthy eating habits. Learn to cook. And find exercise that you like to do. If you lose weight, good. If not, who cares. Even when I was thin I thought I was fat. I now look back on pictures from 3 to 9 years ago, when I thought I was fat, & I now realize, I wasn't. I spent all that time thinking I was fat when I wasn't. I'm 50 lbs heavier but happier in my life now than when I was thinner.

  17. I think you are a good role model with your healthy outlook. When I see you, I see a bigger girl but a healthy one. Constructively, I see you obsessing about size sometimes in your shopping videos. Like when you went to Lane Bryant and I noticed a fixation on being the smallest size there. Size 12…
    Honestly you do look plus sized and better when you try on the 14's. That said, you still look healthy and it is obvious and a good example of what healthy can look like bigger and that is a good message for girls. I'm not into fat activism. I would like to see larger girls exactly where you are. Actually proactive about health. Not so big that the weight on the joints isn't of and in of itself a problem while proclaiming that its healthy. Tess Holiday isnt healthy. Maybe bigger girls will never be healthy as waifs. But they can be healthy looking like you. I say keep with your healthy lifestyle and if it leads to weight loss, go you. If not, you are awesome where you are.

  18. I love this! I know you are vegetarian and sometimes it can be confusing as to what is sustainable and right for fueling our bodies.

    If you ever decide that you do want to lose some weight I’ve been following High Carb Hannah. And she’s all about being satisfied and not necessarily eliminating fats but being mindful with how she portions her meals.

    I hope this wasn’t rude. I think you’re great and so confident and just wanted to highlight another great YouTuber that is all about that sustainable health 🙂

  19. It IS healthy to have balanced nutrition (a balance of carbs, fats, protein, etc).
    It IS healthy to go to the gym 5/6 days a week or being active at least 5 days a week.

    I’ve lost 25lbs over the last year and I become confident each day. Sierra is so right when she says you have to work through it or else you’ll hate what you see in the mirror. I do have moments of insecurity, but I’m so much happier with the progress I make each day (losing inches, gaining muscle, fitting in clothes better, feeling more confident, crushing a workout). It’s not always about losing weight.

  20. You can tell how healthy you are simply by listening to you speak. You are smart, clear and confident. Thats amazing and worth so much more than being thin. Speaking from someone who is thin but severely struggling with my mental health… mental health is so much more important and you have good control over that. Keep it up! Love your videos

  21. I lost a 100 lbs. My mentality (didn’t want to admit to myself) towards the end of my weight loss goal was getting unhealthy. I got addicted to being smaller and seeing a lesser number on the scale to the point that I was over exercising and not eating enough. I remember almost blacking out @ the gym. I tend to be very all or nothing because at my biggest I numbed my emotions with binge eating but at my smallest I numbed with “looking perfect”. Now I’m trying to focus on how I feel and not turn to food when I get emotional. Trying to learn how to regulate them and work through them. I think you can be body positive while losing weight as long as the focus is well being and health. I know at my biggest my husband thought I was beautiful but that didn’t stop my legs from bowing out or my knees being worn down. I used to hate the idea of self love and body positivity. I realized the reason was that I was taught that it’s selfish to care about myself. Now I’ve learned the hard way self love isn’t selfish it’s just caring about yourself in the way that god made us to have intrinsic value. We have value before we give or receive anything…it’s freeing!

  22. I don't think anyone should lose weight to look better but to lose weight if you can't do things you want to do. Can you tie your shoes easily? This is what happened to me. I had always been able to do the things I wanted to do without any issue. Then I noticed that when i had to bend over to tie my shoes it was difficult because of my stomach. So I decided to do something about that. I eat fish and have given up other meat. I feel better lighter.

  23. I watched this when you first uploaded it, and here I am watching it again almost a year later. On my darkest days I hear your voice telling me it’s not me that’s the problem it’s the clothes. Your articulation makes it so much easier for my stubborn, self-hating mind to grasp and accept. I love your channel, your podcast, even your vlogs. You’re amazing Sierra, thank you for keeping me grounded and reminding me that my weight is a number and it doesn’t define me. Without you and our lord up above I’d be stuck in my self hating hole and wouldn’t enjoy life. ❤️

  24. Not sure why this popped into my recommendations nearly a year after you posted it. It must be related to that thing about one of the hardest things about growing older is how impossible it is to keep yourself from giving advice to younger people. It’s a huge temptation that’s as hard for me to resist as a sugar-holic resisting their favorite treat while in a candy store 😂. I’ll reign myself in and just say I recommend Dr Jason Fung’s book The Obesity Code about why eat less/move more is a total failure for about 98% of humans. I think that’s an excellent jumping off point for knowing the science of why a typical calorie restriction diet only works in the short term and helps you let the judgments of people who think others just aren’t restricting themselves enough or aren’t working out as hard as they should roll right off.

  25. Thanks for this video, I know you made it a while back, but I really needed to hear it today. I struggle with loving myself and my body, and it helps to hear motivation from outside of myself , that I am okay and worthy.

  26. I had wls and lost 100lbs.i did it for medical reasons. I still need to lose 30lbs, but I’m not starving myself to do it. I practice portion control. I don’t have cheat days, I’m not bad if I have a dessert.its so freezing.

  27. Sierra, I give you a flat out BRAVO!!! You are so wise for such a young woman. I hope that others take your message as I received it. I am a size 12, and just a year ago I was 6/8. In the course of one year, I put on about 20 pounds. I had no changes in diet or activity. I was horrified to go from a size 29 waist jeans to a 32/33 waist. None of my clothes fit and I felt like a complete failure. WHY??? was what I kept saying to myself, then, someone reminded me that hormones during menopause can certainly cause weight gain. I am trying hard not to beat myself up anymore and accepting that maybe I am not going to be 135 lbs anymore. Your message was beautiful and I would love to have a conversation with anyone making negative comments about you. You are beautiful Sierra, inside and out! I love this content and I am here for more!

  28. Your explanation of what body positive means is beautiful…not all have the same definition…but thank God you do cause I could never get on board with the " body positivity " groups who promote being obese and say being healthy at all sizes is a thing's so sad for younger ppl tht are just being encouraged to give up on life

  29. I’m a size 10, I’m happy there. I give myself a healthy variation of 10 pounds. Just make sure you are healthy. That’s all that really matters. ❤️

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