Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch & Cesaro | Ep.74 Deadboys Do Whoop



  1. Alright. So Cesaro is straight shredded! I mean jesus Christ man that's damn nice physique. Mad respect!

  2. Whether or not Seth and Becky are dating, they do look very comfortable together. In a way, they're like the Jason and Sam of WWE, lol.

  3. I know that I would pass out halfway through this workout sheamus, cesaro, seth, & becky do in this video. 😂

  4. Did anybody else realize that at the beginning Becky's hair was in a bun but at the end her hair was in a ponytail

  5. You motivated me to work out again. If you can do this I can go on a fucking treadmill.

  6. LOVED Sheamus and his expression when Cesaro say's "Don't Try To Get By Or Otherwise You're Trapped"….HILARIOUS

  7. When are we getting another video with these 3 again, because this video is amazing 💪🏻💪🏻

  8. Sheamus is the only one who's doing the burpees right thats why he gets exhausted so fast. But for becky its okay that her knee touch the floor. But basically ur knees should not touch the knee in short you should push it up.

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