Sam Perry & Kelly Rowland: Freestyle Looping (The Voice Australia 2018)



  1. Sorry if the live performance videos don’t show up for people in Australia. They get blocked in Australia as soon as I post them. If someone could tell me how to get them unblocked in Australia I’d really appreciate it

  2. Haha this is so fun! I love technology and how it opens up possibility for amazingly talented and creative people like this!

    If interested in this type of thing, check out Kevin Olusola. One of my other favorites! He is the beat boxer/"percussion" from Pentatonix and he uses a looper and his incredible skills to create awesome stuff! He has a few things on his own YouTube channel. Enjoy! ?

  3. What the ! I just discover him today ! I have my new fave artist ! Oh my .. can't get over with him . So shookt . ????

  4. WOW this is amazing, NOW THIS is how you loop!! This is so inspiring because I make multi-instrument loops on my channel! Check them out if you have a chance!

  5. it's an amazing talent to be so dextrous and to create music on the fly like this but ultimately if you heard his stuff on the radio without seeng what he's doing you wouldn't be impressed. I just don't see any longevity in what he's doing.

  6. Wow. He's just thrown a grenade into the tall fragile stack of the music business and it's little pigeon holes.

  7. Everyone calling Sam's controversial….His entire performance comes from his VOICE!!!, not a single backing instrument…. Can't think of a more fitting winner..

  8. for all those who are in aww of his talent (me too) check out DUB FX. That guy is legend. Mozart or not but DUB FX is boss.

  9. Good to see a proper genuinely creative artist win the voice rather than some cookie cutter middle of the road singer.

  10. He is the future and has opened doors to a fresh sound. A modern Mozart and Beethoven. Brilliant!

  11. "I gotta get this on video"… as the whole room is already being taped… Lol

  12. I could go without the first frase. That was killing me haha. But for a wamt it it was just that. Nothing grand. He is so dope in concert. This was all just wierd to me. But it was just that a warm up

  13. + Is_That_Bryce No need to be sorry that your videos get blocked, your lucky this one is still up & that Channel 9 hasn't had it removed. Why they only show 1:00 to 1:30 of a performance when all other countries show a full performance, beats me. Thanks for pointing this.

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