Salsa Dancing for Beginners



  1. Well how come the lady bends her legs and keeps standing on tippy toes and you don’t

  2. FYI_ Just want to be helpful – You have "shanay" on your screen, but that turn is a CHAINE turn , the term comes from ballet and means "chained, linked" turns. Spelling it "shanay" is phonetic. There is no such thing as a shanay turn. It's a chaine (accent on the e) turn.

  3. Wow, it's very cool…
    If you learn Salsa you can download app for practice
    Search in Appstore – Latin beats & Dance

  4. Ever noticed how explanation is always done by a man, because he can think, and she's just standing there like a thoughtless bimbo emoting emotions like and reemotarded emotiobot?

    Still, salsa looks like nice, I guess. Especially if her head isn't vacuum filled. HEY! WHAT!!!!?!!! Am >I<, as a MAN, not allowed to have my preferences? Well?!!?!? Yeah, I though so. }=)

  5. Wrong explanation don’t watch this video it doesn’t explain how you supposed to do your basic correctly. And his frame is totally off

  6. Great video at least I can do basic salsa, but when the music comes on it is a whole different ball game…

  7. Hi .. I've just started to learn Salsa .. what look are you meant to have on your face whilst dancing .. I always look like a serial killer who will slit your throat as soon as the dance has finished ..

    Are you meant to stare into each others eyes ..
    Be serious ??

  8. is there a salsa community idk about? man i just wanted to learn this so my boyfriend and i can be gæy

  9. I hate how all these videos and schools teach on one and on two when all I want is to learn the old-school way that us Hispanics dance at birthday parties or whatever. Nobody’s trying to be a fucking professional dance competitor. What’s the point of learning how to dance like this when you can only dance with other people who have taken these classes?

  10. Im gonna have my quince and i’m playing this video for two of my gringo friends that don’t know how to baila pero, whoever else is here learning for someone’s quince i promise u it means sm to the girl that ur learning how to dance for her quince <3

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