Rowing Machine: How Fast Should You Row?



  1. Very pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, 'Row Your Fat Off!'. If you have just began using the rowing machine or recently purchased a machine for yourself, THIS is the ultimate guide to get you started in the right direction towards your fat loss goals! You can check it out from the link in the description box above! THANK YOU for all of your support!!

  2. Never thought about cadence and just let my body decide what feels best. Around 30 when rowing relaxed and 40 when I want to race.
    I'll try a lower cadence however.

  3. After reading numerous blogs and q&a im glad I found your video. The rest made me felt bad. I started rowing for just health reasons and because of winter. Have a toddler at home and can’t go to gym as no one can look after her. I’m glad I got an indoor rowing machine. I have been using it for a week and I’m in love. I average 17 strokes per minute on a higher setting 6-8 or 20 on a lighter setting 2-4. I start sweating around the 7 minute mark. I like it because my heart rate is up but I don’t feel like giving up. It’s easy on the body. I focus on form to make sure I get the benefit of that. Thank you for the video. It made me feel hopeful and a lot better!

  4. I’ve never rowed before , but it’s required for the agility test for the police academy ,I’m not the most fit person ,but you recommend anything for a beinginner?

  5. I'm doing a row to raise money for cancer research. I've never really rowed before, so the team leader had me do some rows for her so she could give me some feedback on my form. I did 500 M in 1:41 and that seems like it was an acceptable time, but it really taxed my cardio, and just felt very inefficient, like my high row rate was working against my rowing distance. Since this is a distance over time event, meaning each team has 2 hours to cover as much distance as possible, should I be aiming for a certain stroke rate rather than just keeping my stroke rate as high as possible? I didn't really know to track my row rate as this is all new to me, but it seemed pretty high. In the end, the amount of money raised will be the same whether our team wins or loses, but it would still be nice to win.

  6. Prior to two hip replacements the second surgery leaving me with palsy from permanent nerve damage, I was doing hiit with a jump rope for cardio. Absolutely loved it. Those days are gone. I was thinking about a hiit circuit between a few machines a rower being one of them. I've never used a rower, looks like a bit of a learning curve. After watching several of your videos I'm not sure I should include a rower as part of a HIIT routine. What's your opinion about that? Your videos are very informative, thank you.

  7. Great explanation. I just got myself a rowing machine to use during the winter months when I can't get out kayaking or running. It really seems more engaging than my old treadmill, and different enough from kayaking that I can enjoy perfecting my form and technique. You earned my subscription for sure!

  8. I just started rowing on a machine a few months ago and your explanations are so useful for me. Great effort, please keep on making those awesome guides 😅💪

  9. In one other comment, someone asked if you do weight training. Do you have any videos regarding what types of weight training exercises would be the best for rowing, or suggestions where we can find information? My 16 y.o. daughter is on the school's rowing team, and coach wants her to now start rowing a single, we are looking for suggestions as to how to get her stronger and more athletic to make her really competitive.

  10. Very good explained! Exactly what I was having in my head and thinking about when it comes to rowing. Cant wait to try out and develop a good Effincey instead of "back n forth speee". Thanx!

  11. Love your energy! Very informative video. This is my first time looking up how properly row: looking forward to learning

  12. Hi, Mr Tall.

    I see this video because you send me from here

    (GREAT video).
    But if I want to lose weight, this is good for me? The efficiency?

    I don't really understand (english is not my first language, obviously) but I will try.

    Thanks again 🙂

  13. I’m 5’4” and my crossfit coach told me that I should stay at around 27/28 s/m in order not to gas out. I wonder if you should take height in consideration when talking about s/m.

  14. But, what if speed is the one factor that really increases your heart rate (bpm) when doing high intensity training? Anyways, love your videos mate

  15. This is so useful. I've been slowing down my strokes but making sure I get the most out of each stroke and I feel the difference. I see so many people shorten their stroke and go as fast as possible and are done in 10 minutes. I average 40 minutes going at a steady slower pace and still feel tired at the end. Greta videos brother. you really go me into rowing it;s my main fitness activity at the age of 53! One question though…after 20 minutes my butt gets sore from those seats. Any ideas how to make it more comfortable so I can last longer on the machine lol

  16. This was useful. Thank you. I row at 22-24 spm and have wondered about training at 26-27 spm. It feels like a sprint and quite different. I like the rythm of the higher rate but only for the last minute or 2 of a longer workout. I want to work on power so will stick to the lower rates.

  17. trying to get 2000mtr time down , using the power curve graph i could see that my pattern was more table mountain than a bell curve, when i use the rower for 30 second intervals was getting a bell curve, means probably stroke rate too high on 2000mtr?

  18. I am a 51 y.o. Woman, 5’5” and 175 lbs. I have watched many of your videos on technique and bought my Model D machine last month. I put in my first 20 minute workout this morning by just sitting down and getting started. Before even knowing how to read the monitor I wrote down all my numbers. I was just lost, so I ordered your book. My split is 4:01/500m and SPM is 17, but only understood after reading your book. This book will save me! Thanks!

  19. Going to try rowing at a very slow strokerate on my next workout. I am used to just go up and down same speed. What seems tricky to me is how to do the breathing if you go say 1 second drive, 2 second recovery? Guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

  20. As a newbie I am loving your videos. Thanks. Luckily it was after my very first try on a row machine that I found you so I can move forward with much better from from the start. Cheers.

  21. How can I start to train for a 500 meter row done in 1 min 48 seconds or less? I never road before. Actually I tried it at the gym. Clues on how to set the screens. ROW NOOB

  22. Hi, your videos are great, thank you for that. Now I'm trying for a long time to pull up the handle to my chest but after 10 min I realize that my handle always finish up at my belly. No I'm a small person, 1.67m but I think that shouldn't be an excuse. Any advice? Thanks!

  23. I find it difficult to get above 26 I normally row at 18-20.
    I know for a good 2k not letting the flywheel decelerate is key, but it feels like cheating?.

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