Rogue Iron Game | 20.1 CrossFit Open Announcement



  1. anyone know where I can get those mayhem/rogue shorts? been looking online for them, not finding… thanks

  2. Scott Panchik >>>>>>>>>> Froning. I don't care about actual titles, Panchik is a wholesome pal, kind and fair both in and out of the game.

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  4. I am new to Crossfit. This is motivating to watch. Starting my training on Monday. I so want to crush this! Older man here, so I am a little nervous about actually dying. LOL!

  5. If the standard weight for the open are 95 pounds, ¿why Rich and Scott only have on their barbell two 25 pounds plates? Someone explain me, please. Thanks.

  6. Stop telling Rich did bad on this workout, its Scott that was really good, he is also a beast on this sport.

  7. How boring. You get Panchik and the Goat and we have to sit through light weight snatches and burpee’s. Such a waste.

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