Roelly Winklaar talks about the bubble gut with Arnold Schwarzenegger



  1. Why is his guts bulging and pulsating like he has 20 alien face huggers in there trying to burst out?

  2. Teenage mutant ninja stomach gonna take everybody out!!! Lmao 😂 jk I wish my stomach had a six pack

  3. This guy still looks like crap…but so do they ALL. Used to be the goal to look like a superman or a god, but all the modern body builders look like escaped lab experiments from the Island of Dr Moreau! Nothing to aspire to, just circus freaks.

  4. Honestly it’s quiet clear that today’s body builders really aren’t shit compared to Arnold’s Area, the closest thing to his style of body building now days is Aesthetics competitions.

  5. Stomach vacuum should be compulsory in all posing routines. This would abolish the bubble gut.

  6. La cuerda del tanga ni se le ve..esta hinchado con barriga y encima es bajito

  7. Looks fuking disgusting all these bodybuilders look like pregnant ugly cunts what the fuk has happened to the sport of bodybuilding its hiddieuos who agrees

  8. I think there can be multiple leagues. A league where you just put muscle on your body and get graded on that, the other one can be more of a beauty one. Like Arnold genetically is better looking than everyone else.

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