Road to 2021: Cardio and Bulking, What Type, How Often?



  1. Blood glucose levels fluctuate through the day, all day, levels are high before you eat breakfast and reduce after, you test yourself everyday if you want, but I think it's a waste of time if your not a type 1 diabetic, hypoglycaemia = low blood sugar, hyperglycaemia = high blood sugar, instead of testing everyday, just look out for the symptoms, paranoia setting in, if your tired or lethargic it's probably nothing to do with glucose levels, 40 winks should suffice.

  2. Tom, how do you count your macros from the meal out? The poached eggs and pancakes. Do you just search pancakes in myfitnespal or? Or do you even count hem hah
    Love the vid, much love from Bulgaria!

  3. good video my man, funnily enough I'm going to be doing some training at Crayford alongside MW for now, we are very fortunate to have access to such decent gyms!

  4. Thomas Maw, Greg Doucette, Jerry Ward and John Meadows. My top 4 fitness youtubers right now.

  5. This is my first YouTube comment ever and I feel ashamed of what I’m about to write because I don’t want to be a wetwipe on the internet (despite having a YouTube name from when I was about 12 years old)

    As a student studying biochemistry, this deeply triggered me as I have to use concentrations of chemicals/molecules literally every day of my life.

    Your blood sugar reading was 5.6 mmol/L or 5.6mM (mini molar). However, you said that it was ‘below 7.8 nanomolar’

    A nanomolar is in the order of magnitude of 10^-9

    A millimolar is in the magnitude of 10^-3

    To put this into context, 1 nanomolar (1×10^-9 moles per litre) is ONE MILLION (1,000,000) times smaller than 1 millimolar (1×10^-3 moles per litre)

    If you had a blood sugar reading of 5.6 nanomoles/L (nanomolar) you would be EXTREMELY dead.

    Apart from that, superb video as always👍😂

  6. Smashed through about a year of your videos over the past week. All well put together and interesting 👍🏻

  7. You gonna pick on his bird for promoting shit products in the fitness industry or not bother Tom

  8. as a natty lifter, it often makes me wonder when I watch your videos whether I should be taking additional steps to monitor my health in the same way you do. Would you say you only go as far as you do because you're a steriod user? Would you be as stringent if you was still natty?

  9. What's do you class as exceplable Body composition mate? Also my next cycle is NPP and test E. Did you have anything to hand for sides and did you get any sides? Prolactin etc. Thanks in advance

  10. Sir Thomas!! What’s the crack with using the d handles on the neutral grip pull down?

    Int there an attachment which fits the bill?

  11. How many days a week would you test your fasted blood glucose? I test mine twice a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday

  12. Have you ever done HIIT when dieting? Also what dyu think of Weighted Interval Training like that utilised in Crossfit? Keep up the good work, great content looking for another collab with Joey D tho

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