Reverse and Prevent Osteoporosis? (Update – 2019)



  1. So very many thanks for such a brilliant video Dr Berry. Diagnosed with Osteopenia last year, this was what I needed to hear, but was never told me! I can now move on through all your advice and help. Many thanks indeed.

  2. Dr. Berry,
    You are such a gold mine of necessary information we all need. I am so grateful you share your knowledge. I love the feeling of “family” I get from you and your lovely wife and am so happy for your addition……your beautiful son! God bless you and thank you so much!!❤️

  3. Great Info – especially nice to hear you recommend Vitamin K2 along with Vitamin D! Thank you for sharing this important information!

  4. Can taking a plant based Calcium with k2, mag.,d3, strontium, and boron combined with the fruits and veg. blend help or harm? The Ca 1.3 grams is derived from red algae…Thank you for discussing this topic as I want to reverse my osteoporosis at 64 and drs are telling me to take Fosamax which I will not take. Any information on this subject is so helpful. I am looking for an exercise program to follow also.

  5. You didn't give us alternatives of what to do if we have chronic high acid and need to take acid reducers. I can't go a day or two without them. My stomach burns and so does my lower esophagus…….SO WHST ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO INSTEAD??? THIS WAS NOT ADDRESSED.

  6. Dr Berry, I've been keto for several years drinking a keto Dutch Bros mocha with the base of whipping cream. Is this a definite that I cease and desist this drink?
    Thank you for preventing the next heart attack and stroke.

  7. Hi Dr. Berry

    I read L-Lysine and Non L Argenine supplement amino (take on empty stomach) may help retain Calcium.

    I have 1,000 mg for L- Lysine.
    Should I take 1 x day?

    Should I also take Argenine 1 x day?

    Thank you and God Bless

  8. Hi Dr Berry,

    I took one Risedronate Sodium 150 mg – 1 x mo

    As I had side effects, I stopped immediately!

    I am doing it the healthy way herein through exercise and nutrition.

    I read 80 % lost of this drug through urine. 20% goes to your bones.

    How long will this 1 pill be in my system? Have I hurt my health?

    My bone density scan score said it dropped 9% from 2017 so I decided to try this pill per my PCP.

    Pls answer Thank you

  9. Was diagnosed with osteopenia at 38yo after my doctor diagnosed me with primary hypogonadism, and after a DEXA prior to starting PrEP. Started on TRT, 5k iu vit D/day, magnesium bisglycinate, and reducing dark sodas from four bottles a day to one. I was 0.3 away from osteoperosis in my hips. My shoulder was in constant pain. I also started a new job that is fairly physical.

    Luckily my bone density is improving and i’m confident I can get back to normal bone density.

  10. Do bioidentical hormones cause tumors or polyps to grow the way that wild yam and stuff like that does?

  11. Thank you so much for your time and your ongoing health messages. I am so bent over now that l cant hold my body up.and I have the hump on my back

  12. Ends your life?? I am 53 and my body is covered in osteoporosis. If I wasn't terrified enough, I am due for my first hip/thigh operation on a fused hip. I need two hips and two knees and I have already had an ankle fusion. Please don't say Death.

  13. How does this new information tie in to scoliosis I wore a brace at 13 and was in traction Now as an adult I wish the curve could be lessened

  14. Bio-Identical Hormones will not give you cancer. Chemical conventional hormones like Premarin, Testosterin, Progestin, WILL GIVE YOU CANCER. Look it up, no time to explain.
    Bio Hormones are made from an extract from Wild Yams called Diosgenin. Eating Wild Yams will not give you any hormones. These prescription strength creams are available from any compounding pharmacy like Central Drugs in South Gate, Los Angeles, CA. Find one close to you. They can also give you some doctor references since they fill their prescriptions.
    You can take a hormone profile blood test. Test for:
    Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Pregnenolone, DHEA, Vit D, SBGH, IGF-1.
    You can supplement the first 3 hormones with the prescription creams.
    Pregnenolone and DHEA are available in pill form. Ask your hormone doctor about them.
    FYI – using the Testosterone cream on your clitoris or penis will have the same effect as Viagra. Cost of a month's supply is about $50. See how cheap this is? Zero side effects. Its all good.
    Normally, you would rub this on your inner thigh, but if you need a sexy night with your partner, use it on genitals. Both men and women have different dosages but use it the same way.
    Say goodbye to Viagra which is unsafe and dangerous.
    Do not use any hormones if you have cancer or a tumor. Check with your doctor. This is not medical advice, just my own experience and research.

  15. Dr Berry I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis of the Spine and Osteopenia of the Femoral Neck.

    I walk 3 times a week 35 min, lift 3 lb weights 3 x week.

    I watch my diet. Take Bone Up and Ostinol and Multi Vitamin

    Is the Reformer at a Pilates Studio a good idea if instructors have Osteoporosis clients?

    Great video!

  16. Had a knee replacement 12 months ago. Other knee is also bad. I am 75yrs old, family history of arthritis, immediately stop calcium, and follow your instructions. Have thoroghly enjoyed your videos.

  17. Wow this is so informative. Dr Berry u r our utube dr. U r not promoting pharmaceutical business but what is in reality. Thank u 🙏

  18. Thank you, Doc. Is it ok if l eat a tsp of eggshell powder everyday? It's rich in calcium especially the membrane. Please answer. Thank you.

  19. This is so refreshing, to hear a doctor share this kind of advice. Why are most mainstream doctors insistent that the minute our dexa score flirts with osteoporosis, the only answer is prescription meds? Why haven't they learned about the alternatives? Thank you for this.

  20. Thank you.  I feel inspired to follow your advice, and so much more hopeful.

  21. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago. One doctor prescribed lithium ortate because of a brain injury. ( a supplement from the health food store) do I discontinue or continue taking?

  22. Hey Dr, how about sardines in olive oil. Whole Fish, bones, omega 3 and all else that is in whole fish. Wild caught and very nice here in Northern Scotland where it's pretty cold just now.

  23. I will live long enough enjoying whatever… Mom lived to 95, stopped smoking at 90… Living long, not my goal, maybe yours, hope your bones will be stronger than your mind…..

  24. Hi Dr Ken,

    Backstory: I was diagnosed recently with osteopenia due to a parathyroid issue that went on for far too long before it was caught. My endocrinologist has been completely worthless when I asked if there was any way to reverse the bone density I lost before I had surgery. I have always exercised regularly and eaten a good diet but I generally don't eat fatty meats instead opting for lower fat meats like chicken or lean beef due to cholesterol levels being marginally high (hereditary? Don't know since I do everything right health/diet/lifestyle wise). Since my diagnosis I have shifted my exercise routine towards more weight bearing and resistance activities as opposed to the strictly cardio activities that I used to do like biking or day hiking. Now when I hike I carry extra weight and I do weight training every day. When I bike I sprint all the time to really get my legs screaming at me.

    Question: Are there any other food sources that provide the collagen building material that the "blasts" need that are not animal based? In other words, can't the body produce it's own collagen from basic building blocks like amino acids and such? If so which ones?

    Thanks for a really great video on a subject that is under reported!

  25. I have osteoporosis, and have been taking Alendronic Acid for 2 and a half years, I also take vitamin D3 every day, I don't take a calcium supplement because they are not good for you, but instead make sure I drink at least a litre of skimmed milk most days, my body can hopefully use the calcium but the fat is reduced. I don't smoke, never have, I don't drink lots of alcohol, maybe one glass of wine a month if we go out, I do quite a bit of walking, I don't eat processed food if I can possibly help it, I do have porridge every day, which I'm not sure if you consider to be grains, but I don't eat red meat at all, so all of my meat, chicken or turkey is lean and I have never eaten the skin. I don't take and never have taken any of the medications you have mentioned, the only reason I can see why I have osteoporosis from what you say in your video is that I had a hysterectomy at the age of 36, I am now 68, and was never put on any kind of hormone replacement therapy, so I think there are many ways to get osteoporosis, but as I do possibly 95% of the things you say do in your video that when I have my next DEXA scan next June hopefully my diagnosis will have improved, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you for the information 😊

  26. I was told by my pcp after a bone density test that I need to start the re-clast intravenous drip once yearly. Can you or anyone tell me the benefits pros or cons on this? I am 66 yrs. Old, and I certainly don't want to fall or break a bone. Thanks~

  27. Love your explanations of those diseases. I have a question: if you eat the skin of meat won‘t your cholesterol go up?

  28. Read the book "The China Study" by T. Collin Campbell. It culminated 27 years of research at Cornell University who collaborated with Oxford University and The Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. The cause of osteopetrosis is cow's milk! Your liver takes the calcium out of your hips to metabolise cow's milk. The protein casein makes cancer cells grow faster. Don't eat anything from a cow.

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