Regional NATE + Daily Crossfit Workout



  1. You are getting close….we are rooting for you…go to Wisconsin and rock the world of crossfit…kick some ASSSSSSSSS!!!!

  2. You should probably blow your nose 👃😂😂, that’s a lot of snot your sniffing up there 👆😆😆

  3. Still rocking and rolling, excited to see you work with the Games right around the corner.
    Any updates with your sponsored grips/design? Mine are on their last leg and I’d love to make Your grips my next pair!

  4. I just want to know how you don’t have more subscribers! Love the content and good luck at the games man.

  5. Just went way down the YouTube rabbit hole while bored at work. Had to watch your 2016 performance at Regionals. Super impressive at the wall ball/pullup sprint workout into the pistols/power cleans.

  6. Jacob it kind of important that you get the WOD right since its a Hero WOD… Nate= 20 min AMRAP of 2 MUs, 4HSPUs, 8 KB Swings 70lbs

  7. I remember watching you in Regionals!! It was mind-blowing how you were doing your MUs, I thought you might be trying to work around an injury or some pain… Man that "half iron cross MUs" looked wicked.

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