Real Time Workout: Home Exercises for Strong, Lean Legs- Bodyweight with Cardio Burn



  1. Loved it so much! I'm dripping sweat and feel the burn! I did this last after 4 rounds of the 5 min. arm and back workout! Thank you so much for all that y'all do to encourage us to be strong and healthy from within and out! God Bless Y'all always!

  2. Loved the rockette kicks (and every other single exercise too!) but this was my favorite. Covered in sweat now. 🙂

  3. Dripping in sweat also….I loved that workout esp the reverse plank/table…..I thought you'd forgotten to do it as I've got it listed after the rockette kicks… glad we did it! You're looking great, Melissa! I loved hearing those birds in your garden, awwwwww.

  4. hi i like your workouts very much but do you have some sort of calender so to no which exercises to do on certain days thanks

  5. I absolutely love your workouts and have joined your Patreon with a small monthly pledge. You are my gym, and I look forward to your workouts. One question. Since the workouts are strength based, can I do them 2 days in a row or should I do something else in between?

  6. Yes! Like I said, I was looking for just this focus right now, and you very much brought it!! Thank Melissa <3

  7. please.. put low backgrownd music.
    Maybe its just me but i get frustrated listening to your breathing,
    I get tired only from hearing you and make me thing im not going to be able to end exercises.

  8. Hi Melissa! So excited you are uploading again! :)) just a small suggestion; when I saw the vid I was a bit disappointed bc I thought,this is not a workout but just an exercise collection. Thankfully I still clicked on it, but I guess some people looking for real time workouts might not. Looking forward to do this next week! :*

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