Real Doctor Reacts To Doctor Oz: Intermittent Fasting "Health Guru" Healthy?



  1. Just food for thought, I think you all should look him IG, actually sign up for his program to make a more informed opinion about his diet. He also has YouTube videos about his approach, you can find it under Blake Horton. He and his GF are some of the nicest people and his method is totally easy, and your not limited to one meal a day if you can't do that in your life, the idea is to enjoy food again, not be hungry and not allow yourself to be controlled by food; you still have to track your calories and macros. I do it, I like it, I have more energy and I am not freaking out over food, or weather I ate within my magic eating window, or my carbs etc, and I am still losing weight.

  2. Keep educating the people! You are great! I am a herbalist over 30 years and vegetarian with clients. I share your videos with my clients, because i agree with you.

  3. They forget its for health not just weight loss! I used to be a type 2 diabetes. Now ! My meter is 90 . Your body cleans itself up with autophagy. The health benefits are wonderful!

  4. Eating small meals many times a day is the way bears get fat ( and diabetic) before winter, then they sleep and fast for 3 months and by then they are cured of diabetes and ready to go again…

  5. Love your presentations! Optimum health and, balance in how we approach our health, is such an important factor in weight loss that it seems to get lost in the end game of looking good . I prefer your message to that of Dr. Oz any day.

  6. I matter what you want to say about this gentleman he's got a point I never thought of it that way I always think of thin healthy that's not the way it is

  7. Thank you, excellent information. Dr. Oz is nothing but sensationalism designed to attract viewers and sell commercials. People that watch shows like that are the same ones buying tabloids at the grocery store.

  8. Thank you dr. Sten for another informative video. I would like to make a request for a video about Lipoedema.

  9. Extremely informative video.

    Best way to lose weight is to eat a well balanced meal with a proper cardio workout routine. Daily activities or even if you're physically active at work can also contribute to weight loss.

    For me, I'll reduce my carb intake and eat an all around balanced portions of clean protein, vegetables, and fruits. Protein sustains you in the long run and keeps everything moving. Granted I just eat two meals a day, but I dont get hungry often and the two meals works for me. I'm maintaining weight at 180ish lbs and I'm 42 years old and 6' tall.

  10. Thx a lot for the inforative vids; am aware that lot of work goes into them but-the sound is a bit LOW 🙁 can't sit to listen to the playlist. In the future, could you pretty PLEASE up the volume!!?? Appreciate the info v.v. much, a new subscriber, esp. as it sounds/feels like it's taylor made for my needs:) selfish to the end, as most humans are

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