Power Yoga Weight Loss Workout – Sean Vigue Fitness



  1. The klingon vessel is out of reach. For now. Let the chase begin. I have vowed to catch up with you, Sean. One of these years)

  2. Love this routine!! I have lost 60 lbs doing yours and other power yoga videos and eating right 🙂 thanks so much for your instruction and inspiration to keep pushing!!

  3. Loved this session! I touched my toes for the first time in probably 20 years on the hand walk outs.

  4. Liked for working out with my dog. He's normally laying on my mat chewing on something though. Not wandering around like addie

  5. Loved this high-energy workout. All the greatest hits in 30 min! Feeling strong and invigorated. Thanks!

  6. you always hit the nail on the head. DEFINETLY had alot of aggression to work out as well. Thanks for being a huge part of my 2017!!! looking foward to 2018 my brother! Thank you for all of your hard work. i am truely grateful. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you and your family. Thanks again.

  7. Loved this workout. Add 5 min or so of "boat" or core/stomach work and it would truly be all-around perfection. Thanks and keep 'em coming.all the best for 2018

  8. I did bird of paradise for my first time with this video! I'm so excited & on Christmas too. WhooHoo! Thank you Sean!

  9. Needed that after my workout. Came back to your channel recently because I hit the gym frequently but my muscles are so tight and causing me pain. Im looking forward to more yoga with you!

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