POWER YOGA – SIZZLING Pilates Abs Workout – 30 Day Yoga Challenge



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  2. Such a great Power yoga-Pilates combination…Vinyasa flow rocks!.Shoulder stands with Scissors and Forward/Backward bicycles rocks 🙂

  3. The shoulder stands in combination with bicycles and then with scissors were a great sequence! I enjoyed the bridge with leg lifts and also the reverse plank with leg lifts…The dolphin at the end killed me 🙂

  4. LOVE the yoga-pilates fusion workouts! I always leave your classes with fresh inspiration and crisp, laser focus!!

  5. Awesome awesome awesome workout! I am on day 23 of "30 days Power Yoga Challenge" and adding Pilates abs moves to the flow felt real good!

  6. These have kept me busy all summer in between cardio days. If it’s nice, I can do these in my backyard in the morning sun! Thank you!

  7. Day 23 in the bag, I loved the mix of power yoga and pilates. Thank you again Sean for another great workout.

  8. That was great! I always feel more energized after your workouts. That's what keeps me coming back. I'm loving this series and all the beautiful locations.

  9. Hello Sean
    I think today's quote was from Grease (rockin' and rollin'), each time you reference a film I have to place it before I can focus totally on the workout again, images of John Travolta in the jock top is my guess?
    Any workout you do, I will do, so whatever you want to make is great with me and very, very much appreciated. Back tracking today as I missed this one when it came out, it was awesome, thank you

  10. I personally really enjoy these fusion/hybrid workouts. I would have liked to hit the abs a little bit more, but it still was a really fun workout. Especially in the ridiculously humid 35 degree Celsius heat.

  11. Another awesome Power Yoga workout Sean😍,sweating buckets,i love starting my day with you!-Thank you and God bless🙏

  12. My forehead touched the ground in wide-legged forward fold! Never thought that would even begin to happen a few months ago. Shows what is possible when we keep our bodies and minds flexible 🙂 Thank you for all the great work(outs)!

  13. Mega workout Sean. I just had my first Addie style experience/interruption with my new dog 'Jess'… it certainly makes half-boat more challenging!

  14. LOVED this one so much! Pilates and Yoga in one beautiful workout with a beautiful backdrop. Loved the sun playing peek-a-boo, the blue sky and green surroundings. And the new pants?

  15. Great workout especially the final kicks to back stretch sequence. Lower back feelin strong now 👏🏼

  16. Huggle <3 I for sure enjoyed myself, and would love more fusions – it's fun to do something unexpected, but I would like something more challenging. I super hope that doesn't sound douchey. I hate when ppl come into the comments are all 'that wasn't even hard, bro' Ugh. But at the same time, I prefer it when you kick my a**

  17. Another great work out sir. I was glad to see some Pilates mixed in. It really adds to the challenge. Thanks, Sean.

  18. Beautiful workout for a beautiful day here in London. Thank you for your videos. You're incredibly inspiring and you always motivate me to do more then I think I can. Keep up the excellent work 😊

  19. You might want to normalize the volume on your videos, Sean. Just so that opening music sting doesn't blow my speakers out every time. Love your workouts, I do two every day. You're the real Master Ninja. Unlike Max Keller and his hamster sidekick.

  20. Gonna do it right now! (half of it – other half tomorrow) Its 6.45 am here..and already nice outside.

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