POWER YOGA – MASSIVE Core Workout – 30 Day Yoga Challenge



  1. My friends, thanks for stopping by to train with me…and Addie! Are you ready for a Power Yoga themed summer? I'm honored to train with you and help you get in the BEST shape of your life.
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  2. it's the weekend, i have time for a long workout with Coach Vigue and you delivered. Thanks!

  3. Did all three with a few breaks. Love all the twists!! Ever consider incorporating hero pose into your routines? I love the way my quads and hip flexors feel after. 4 more days!!

  4. Oh, what a flow!!! The T-stands, the Tread the needle, the Half-boat with Scissors or with Bicycles, the Warrior Side-Mudras, the Wolf and so many others!!! …..wooohooowww…Aaaah-mazing 🙂

  5. I did all the three parts together and it was, oh, so rewarding!!! So many favorite flows – the plank to T-stand, the wolf, the warrior with mudra dive, the half boat with scissors and the half boat with twists…Wonderful feeling of satisfaction 🙂

  6. Wow. Covered in sweat! Great one coach vigue! I always get compliments on my arms. I blame it on coach vigue power yoga and planks. This is a great workout to get gorgeous arms and abs!

  7. Day 26 and getting stronger every day. I loved these three sessions and did them back to back. Thank you again Sean, see you tomorrow for day 27.

  8. Doing all together this 3 power yoga core flows… Was distroying and rebuilding myself at the same time!!!! Amazing..

  9. Did all 3 at one time . That was a few days ago . I just finished the deep stretch routine . I needed that . 8 days in . I am not sore any more . Getting back into the routine !! Thank you SeanVigueFittness and Addie . <3 Thanks for kicking my butt !!I think I may be out of order . Haaaaaa .

  10. well done sean, i always feel great after one of your workouts. one thing- my tailbone kills when doing the boat pose. is that normal? any suggestions? thanks

  11. Did all 3, this one could have used more variety. Didn't so much enjoy repeating the same moves (but faster) each time. Still though, some moves in here were firsts for me.

  12. Oh my oh my….I did all three. Whew! That was something for sure. ; ) Thanks for the fantastic workout. I am beat. ; ) The scenery is amazing too! The second workout at first, looked so perfect, could have been a set! Till I saw Addie in the background. : )

  13. Did this in one full swoop…the sweat is flowing like wine. Thanks, Coach

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