Power Yoga "I'VE LOST MY MIND" NON STOP Workout Flow! – Sean Vigue Fitness



  1. My friends, thanks for stopping by to train with me…and Addie! Are you ready for a Power Yoga themed summer? I'm honored to train with you and help you get in the BEST shape of your life. ✔️Take my FREE "30 Day Power Yoga Challenge" → https://goo.gl/W4T2tp ✔️Donate to support Sean Vigue Fitness → http://bit.ly/2rFomW7 Leave your feedback and questions below and press the "Like" button! Share it with at least one person who loves a physical and mental challenge and SUBSCRIBE to never miss a workout. I love making these videos for you ❤️ Sean #SeanVigueFitness @SeanVigueFitness

  2. I live in the town of Raymond. 5 miles south of Mke. But my brother and I will travel to meet you. I don't get to do your yoga as often as I would like to. Your personality is so uplifting! Congrats on your success! I try sharing your videos but some ppl just don't get it!!! I love it!

  3. Sean, you are awesome! I love the way you express your thoughts during the flows. Let us know when you are in WI!!!!

  4. Hello coach Vigue! Thank you for your contributions. Can you point me out if you have or if you can please upload a 10minute power yoga flow that can be done in the office and doesnt involve getting on the floor? If you dont have time I understand, I absolutely love your channel.

  5. Love your videos – the routines are challenging and your positivity and enthusiasm stays with me for the rest of the day!

  6. I love this video. I could really feel the burn, in a good way. . My girlfriend and I have been working out with your videos for about a month. We have seen huge improvements!! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Excellent way to start Monday morning! I thought this would be easy! You have proven me wrong. I can not wait for " out of my mind Power Yoga part 2". Happy holidays Sean, peace from a sunny UK. 🌅🤩

  8. Hey Sean! I have a question concerning exercise. How much do you do a day? And do you normally do Yoga or do you do other forms of exercise as well? I'd really appreciate it if you replied!

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