POWER YOGA – 30 Min Weight Loss Workout – 30 Day Yoga Challenge



  1. My friends, thanks for stopping by to train with me…and Addie! Are you ready for a Power Yoga themed summer? I'm honored to train with you and help you get in the BEST shape of your life.
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  2. I’m a yoga teacher currently living in Taos New Mexico and I wanted to tell you this is my favorite power yoga routine ever! It’s perfect for me and what I want out of power yoga, so thank you! I’d love to see more like this and part 2

  3. New favorite flow: Wild thing to Lunge 🙂 Leg lifts from Downward dog to Leg lift from Plank to Swimming – an absolute killer…especially if you have to do it again…and then again…WOW!

  4. This was probably one of the hardest power yoga sessions I've ever experienced! Thank you for this flow! It definitely pushed me much harder than I would've pushed myself making up my own flow lol! You are by far my favorite online yoga instructor and I am grateful to have your videos!!

  5. Oh, boy, those burpees are always a KILLER!!! My favorite ones were the Wild Thing with the Extended Side Twist 🙂

  6. Thanks for another great workout, Sean; the moooodra really helped at around the 16-minute mark.
    Sometimes the leg lifts are alternating and other times it's only one side; since I can't see the screen from down dog position, would you mind specifying? Thank you.

  7. This had the yoga moves but none of the mindfulness. There are many power yoga practices that combine both. It's a good workout, absolutely, but I'm reluctant to call it yoga.

  8. This is absolutely fantastic!! Great start to my day and wow, it's just the perfect sweaty flow. Thank you for creating it 👍

  9. Day 9 of the 30 day Power Yoga Challenge and still going strong. Coach Vigue you were on fire, what a workout, thank you so much Sean, I'm 64 and feel more like 24 (I wish!!). See you tomorrow.

  10. Still here and still going and enjoy every minute of that hank you for the power yoga is not just yoga is more then that, thank you again for that

  11. So, so sweaty! This was my third attempt at this routine, and I finally finished it! I feel great! And did I mention, I'm dripping? Oh, yeah!

  12. Power Yoga for Hobbits, is what I would like to see!
    Great workout though, really loosened everything up after workday. Thanks!

  13. Sean, your videos are transforming my life, endurance and muscles in a way I never thought could be possible. You need to give seminars for jiu-jitsu martial artists. We need you!!! You are amazing and I love you.

  14. That was amazing; my burpees did not look pretty, man am I sweating. I was doing the finale but I was up to 3 when you were near 5. Feeling great. Thank you. Thank you.

  15. I need two showers, so using logical math, if part one = two showers, then part two = four showers. This can be expressed as p1=2s(p2)=4s. I think. but i can't think anymore, because my brain is overheating. Not that thinking was ever in my wheelhouse.

  16. Great work as usual. I did this a fes days ago befors I went to to the gym and it really got me energized. Thanks as always coach

  17. I’d wish I could do your workouts as soon as you upload/post them. But I’m always one or two or many behind you, plus all the workouts available you have. Thank you so much. 🙏🏻✅💦

  18. Amazing. Hardest yoga video in a long time. I hurt my knees skiing in March and your yoga is making them stronger. Thank you.

  19. Really enjoyed that. Very sweaty. Only thing i missed was a nice pyramid to open up hips nicely. Love from Nottingham England 🤗😁

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