PostPartum Workout – Postnatal Pilates



  1. Thank you for this video! Whenever I want to go for a run to rush back into my pre-pregnancy body, I do this video and feel better about myself. I really appreciate the words of encouragement, I know I need to hear them on repeat. =)

  2. Thank you for this, especially the pep talk cause I know I would be running ahead of myself and doing damage.

  3. Hi i m from india. I am fan of u after seeing your video. I have 3 month's baby with normal delivery. I have some questions/doubts relating to this video. It may questions of some Other mommies. Will u please answer all those questions??
    1) after normal delivery & c sec when can a mommy start this exercises?
    2) when should we do this morning or evening
    3) how many times we should do this in a day?
    4) How many reps is needed?
    5) after doing this exercises when can we get shower & meals?
    6) shall we do this exercises while belly binding? (Benkung binding)
    7) how many days or months it takes to get our real body? 8) after delivery, till how many years/months mommies have chance to get flat tummy through this?
    9) may a breastfeeding mommy do this ?
    & last 10) is it works really??

    & I have a personal question plz try to suggest me. I don't know how to explain!! I have leg cramps in bump area while i was pregnant, after delivery it increases a lot. I can't bear this pain😢. Plz give me a solution madam. I hope you reply.

  4. I tried this sequence but it’s too early for me to lay on my stomach 🙁 I have to wait a few more days or maybe a couple of weeks to try again, thank you for this useful video 😍

  5. l love your channel so much! You're Truly inspiring and so helpful.
    Please do a full pilates class video!

  6. in this video, you mention 2 other workouts. I have found the pelvic floor one

    could you please list the other one you mention. Thank you

  7. I feel my core again! After having my baby, my right hip became so tight that I lost the full range of motion. After doing this video, my right hip is more open…after one session. I am going to continue this. Thank you!

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