Planche Tutorial for beginners – Master the Basics!!



  1. Is stress on hands will go away?
    Coz at the moment i got a feeling that i can lean much more, but the strees on hands ar eliminating this…

  2. Agree with all that except I have started pointing fingers backwards as I think its much bigger issue not leaning enough forward to counterbalance the weight of the legs and there is no need to use your fingers to stop youfalling forwards. If you did you would just collapse your legs very quickly to stop face planting.

  3. I can't lock my elbow,but if i lock it my arms are so curve and i can't lock,its so hard,one time a was like fall and small has to break my arm😵sorry for bad english

  4. Omg this video is awsome, also for beginers who didn t even started to workout for planche thank you big help great work keep it up

  5. Is there any possibility to break your arms while locking my elbow like that?

  6. Mdr ça sert à rien qu'il nous montre ça si il ne sait pas la faire 😂. C'est comme si je vous explique comment réparer un moteur, mais je sais pas ke remonter.

  7. Sid live the videos bro!! Music is dope I actually can just play this in the gym and practice along which is tight!! I am an aspiring YouTuber and I want to do calisthenics movements. Your videos are so great because of the way you point it the incorrect and correct form. This has already taking my training to a new level. Keep up the great work and Fuck the haters haha

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