Physical Exercise – Full Body Cable Machine Workout for Building Muscle



  1. i really enjoy the cable squat row, can feel everything firing, even though it looks harmless

  2. rubish did most off us that watching this vido have much bater and after bodey then yours this vido good for girls work out .

  3. What about dead lifts and leg presses? It seems to me that you could do both of these exercises by lying on the floor and using only one cable.

  4. Good Excercices but I have 2 points
    At first:in minute8&9in horizontal pull for back may be the cable need make down lately
    Second in woodchoops the opposite for the cable,isn't it?

  5. I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal workouts. That insane how it is good for sane ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Going into a gym with just ONE cable machine and doing a whole workout using that machine is not a good idea. The last idiot to hog the machine for over an hour was not very popular.

  7. I love cables but whenever I do Pec flys I almost never feel anything. So, I just use the Pec fly machine.

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