Phil Heath : 2014 Mr. Olympia vs. 2018 Mr. Olympia : The Worst Versions



  1. I must say that 2014 version of Phil is unbeatable from every angle other than his stomach. He was crazy conditioned and full as a house. Yeah he had bloated gut at prejudging, but 2014 finals is one of best Phils versions.

  2. Only he had Bloated Tomach in 2014 and 2018, He presented 1 of his best and biggest body in 2016. WHY THE HELL PEOPLE TALKED LIKE HE WAS THE ONLY BLOATED MR O. He won 7 Mr. O and only 1 of them was with bubble gut. Look at DORIAN, RONNIE, They won several Mr O with bubble gut.

  3. Still gotta love how his only true flaw in his worse shapes is just his stomach xD like muscle group for muscle group Shawn loses everywhere except midsection and to some Shawn’s legs are better but I see more separation and a bigger tear drop and calves obviously in Phil’s. I mean we all know how bad dorians and Ronnie’s guts were getting Phil’s stomach is still smaller than there’s but he’s a tad shorter and less wide so it appears to protrude more. Lastly flex wheeler had a terrible midsection for most of career when in between poses

  4. I hate his narrow shoulders, that's why the minute be got the belly happening he looked funny as fuck

  5. I still think Phil Heath could have won the 2018 Mr. Olympia if he presented himself better. If he just would have embraced himself and showed he liked being on stage more, he could have won. It was not ONLY the gut imo.

  6. The thing is , judges care shit about Kai’s popularity cuz his gut is much bigger than Phil’s in 2014 but it was different in 2018, so stop saying Kai was robbed and enjoy the video.

  7. i think huge factor of that he s looking bad in 2014 is shitty lightetning uncompareable with 2011, 2012 and 2013

  8. Thighs became better? No way, theres hardly any lines visible in his quads in 2018, they're just bigger because they're less conditioned

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