Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke



  1. Oh damn! all this time i've thought he was talking about Mary the mother of Christ! while it was his! shame on me!!!!

  2. Funny that so many celebrities now days get big heads, and then get forgotten..
    Fall Out Boy literally had a song that said "You'll remember me for centuries" and it seems like everyone has forgotten them..
    But so many artists from sixty, seventy years ago.. Paul McCartney, Elvis, Hank Williams, Frank SInatra… are still house hold names..
    Probably comes from the fact most artists now days… an entire band can have less talent than Paul McCartney's pinky's knuckle.

  3. Can we periodically cryogenically freeze Sir Paul and extend his life by like a few centuries or something?

  4. I used to hate Paul amongst the Beatle before…I'm a John fan Lennon…but when i saw this documentary I get to know more and more about Paul and his simple ways back in the early days at Liverpool….and really he is brilliant and such an admirable human being…not just a music icon but a gift to the world…long live Sir Paul and the Beatles.

  5. I've never really been a Beatles fan. Of course, I know who they are and can hum along with some of their songs but after this, I will be actively listening. This was awesome just to watch… I gotta learn more!

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