PART 2: Losing 90 lbs in 5 Months with KETO/INTERMITTENT FASTING



  1. I truly did love this video. My husband and I just recently started keto. This video, (part 1&2) filled in all the missing info we needed, plus a whole lot more. I love how you laid all the info out and actually talked about what keto is then explained how you did it. Thank you so very much!
    Please keep more of these videos coming!!! In me you definitely have a faithful subscriber.
    …now I am going to watch all of your other videos!!!

  2. Thank you dear, I am one of those in my seventies ( 72 ) and I have joined the revolution. I’ve lost 14 pounds this first month. This Great information and referrals are greatly appreciated ❤️🙏🏾💕

  3. I just love you! I have fallen off so so badly and I feel it and see it. I watched your vids again and was immediately inspired. I'm back and going Keto + IF immediately. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your knowledge. Sister on a mission!

  4. Thank you for this video. Been 2 and half months, down 26 lbs. I like to listen to another woman and hear about your experience.

  5. Could u tell me how many meals you eat a day I can't remember if u said it or not I have chronic kidney disease and so many other health issues and it's past time I helped myself but honestly it's been a roller coaster since the age 17 back and forward .

  6. You are awesome! Thank you for your information. My daughter told me that I am already in ketosis, as I don’t eat breakfast as you already describe. I don’t wake up until between 10am-12pm. and that’s when I drink my coffee. Some days when I’m really in pain, I’ll sleep until 2pm. The bad thing about that is, I have peanut butter crackers in my nightstand (CARBS: 1pk 25grm; 2pks-50grm); depending how hungry I am. And yes, later in the day, I seek out more carbs & sugar: MY DOWNFALL!!

  7. I started keto two weeks ago and I have lost 10 lbs so far , you video was so inspirational and wot made me start

  8. Oh my goodness I love you! I could listen to you talk all day all night! You’re so informative and so real! So glad I found your channel ❤️

  9. Hi, iam a diabetic and I take insulin and I'm looking to start the ketogenic diet November. How will it work out for me.

  10. I am looking forward to passing this on to my children. To break the chain. Sugar is poison. My mom passed away last year because of diabetes. I just want to continue this new lifestyle.

  11. I can do 25 net and still lose. I dont eat a lot of veggies, I do more of the carnivore keto way of eating and it works wonders!


  13. I will start tomorrow. No restaurants. I will buy what I am supposed to and stick to it. I am 65 years old with sever arthritis 230 lbs. I've had a hip replacement and spine surgery, so a lot of walking cannot happen until my weight lose. I will let you know my progress in a month. You are a GREAT inspiration because your before picture looked like I do now. I am very excited and keep your fingers crossed for me.

  14. I’m trying my hardest to lose weight I’m not motivated but I am very unhappy i love food I also love cooking I just don’t know where to start with the cooking n eating the right things I barley know what’s wrong or what’s right to eat

  15. New Sub here from WA I like your style ,nothing but positive, and encouraging 😉 I got to get real,and give up my sweet tea home brewed 😉 the surger is killing me, we are talking a quart a day or more ! But my joints are killing me ,

  16. Day 64 in keto. I lost 24.2lbs my first month and 8.8lbs my second month. I keep feeling I want to make it faster, but I am still losing so it’s all in my mind. I am 13lbs away from my first goal of 170lbs. Hoping I can do it in the next 10 weeks.

  17. congratulations congratulations how inspiring! I started June 10, 2019 and to date lost 50 lbs and off high blood pressure medications (as per my doctor's instructions with self-monitoring for a month) I love me again. Joints are not hurting. Sugar craving gone. Obsession with the ex gone (lol). Life smells and is good again!! Keto and Jesus saved my life. Dr. Berg's teaching ..I literally "studied" everything he said and applied it bit by bit!!

  18. I really need help loosing weight I’m prediabetic pregnant with gestational diabetes I’m 280 pounds I’m always tired and just frustrated with the way I look and feel. I’m planning on getting on this journey after I have the baby. I wanna be happy and healthy for my kids

  19. Thank you, just started keto about a week ago, you have enlighten the keto diet so much better for me to understand. Still have a ways to go to understand it and follow it the way i should to lose the weight. Enjoyed the video very much <3

  20. I have been on the Keto diet 3 weeks now. I have been doing the intermediate fasting. As of today I have only lost 6 points. Can you help me? PLEASE!

  21. Thank you I will continue to follow you girl. I’m at 228 now help me stay motivated luv ya keep it going I need you!

  22. Love you girl can listen to you all day you are truly motivational and real: I’m a nurse as well keep motivating me

  23. I was curious about the keto diet and clicked this video, when i heard you say you started on October 3rd and that It was your time to feel healthy and confident this was a sign. #journeyloading….

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