1. You didn’t really tell viewers about what you ate. Was more about you and how you felt and how you looked when you were 65 lbs heavier. Nothing about what your meals are. Please make video of what you eat in a day and options. Thank you

  2. loved!! You made me feel so much better about the process. The idea of a structured plan is what has really held me back and you are SO right, Just do what makes you feel good. Thank you for this!!

  3. You look beautiful, I just start reading book from brilliant Dr Gundry I just recommended people, very interesting, be cerful about the pine nut butter it's full of lectins, the are very dengerous for health, better its almond butter pistachio… All the best 🍀

  4. where did you get the food sensitivity test?! i’m interested in doing this as well as i feel i’m sensitive to a lot. you look amazing!

  5. this is exactly the issue that I have, I eat healthy for a couple weeks, then binge for a couple weeks, its really not healthy! Thank you so much though because this video was exactly the thing I needed to help me get back into shape and feel better. I'm not a mom or anything but this video just gave me the motivation to treat my body right. You look amazing by the way!!!

  6. Alex, we so appreciate you opening up with us and just being honest about your journey. Thank you so much for the tips and inspiration💕. I personally didn’t gain much weight when I was pregnant, and I didn’t really have an issue of losing it but this video still encouraged me to just keep eating healthy and choosing good, Whole Foods so thanks😊 Also would love to take a food sensitivity test because I too have had issues with bloating and it is NOT fun. Cutting out some gluten has helped me as well.

  7. Out of curiosity did you take the blood test at your doctors office, did you use a kit you mailed in?

  8. Alex! I have been following you before you got engaged and to see your journey is so amazing ! and this video has to be my favorite! I recently lost a lot of weight, and this video hit the nail on the head! I did exactly this, and it was wonderful for me too! You look amazing! love following you <3

  9. The items you cut out are all pro inflammation & destructive to gut health which plays out heaaaavily in allergies & hormonal balance. I do think sprouted grains (Ezekiel) & fat free plain greek yogurt are ok on the digestive tract. I find kimchi to be a fabulous probiotic.

  10. I’ve always gained and lost the same 30 pounds. I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks now and I can feel all the weight, it’s back again. I’m bloated and extremely tired just from eating processed foods on this trip. This video is exactly what I needed to get back on track. What a great journey of yours! You look amazing!

  11. Great video! This was so positive and good to hear – for everyone! I’ve never had a kid and I related

  12. Loved this video! Im trying to be healthier too. I would love it if you could film some recipes for like diner ideas etc I find it so hard to think of different things to have 😩 xo

  13. This video was so authentic, thanks for sharing this! Im currently pregnant, 34 weeks, and the only thing that motivates me to walk is my DOG! because of him I walk teice a day for 30 minutes and I feel like that helps me!

  14. This video could not have come at a better time. I gave birth to my son last week and I've been feeling so bad about my body. I really enjoyed hearing what worked for you and I am planning on trying to implement a healthier lifestyle for myself. Thank you so much for this video!!

  15. This is so important!! Alex I love your honesty and openness here! You look fantastic but, more importantly, you are healthy to take care of sweet Julian! I am 7 weeks PP and back in my jeans at 6 weeks ONLY because I kept my exercise routine (with modifications) and eating style while pregnant and drank 100-125 ounces of water a day! I gained the healthy 25-35 pounds (for my body). At 41 weeks pregnant I still felt pretty good… I wasn't swollen (compression socks helped because I teach and was on my feet all day) or horribly miserable. Guys, people don't tell you this stuff.. exercise and what you eat makes a difference!! You can't "eat for two" because you're really not. It's only in the 2nd and 3rd trimester that you should increase calories and that's only 200-300 per day (that's like adding 1 snack). I've had so many people tell me I don't even look like I had a baby and blah blah… it's not because I'm "lucky" it's because I prepared pre-pregnancy!

  16. I really appreciate this video. I’ve felt like crap for so many years with so many stomach problems, bloating, heartburn etc and this made me realize that it’s not normal to feel like that. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  17. I really appreciate this video. I’ve felt like crap for so many years with so many stomach problems, bloating, heartburn etc and this made me realize that it’s not normal to feel like that. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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