Open Workout 20.4 Vs. Strongest Man In CrossFit®



  1. Little bit different but there's a guy on insta called the kettle bell warrior and he does 100 backsquats at 100kg without stopping!

  2. I thought swanny eyes were going to pop out of his head in the cnj.

    Awesome work all, made it look easy

  3. Absolutely love watch all these videos you make, I suffered from a brain tumour which has removed and now completely fine, and that is my thought process when I'm dying in a work out and want to quit, I survived the tumour so I can survive this pain for a few minutes we dont quit, we push and prove we can do this

  4. I think it’s possible with months of intense front squat work and a lengthy visit to the hospital afterwards 😂 the t shirt would be a nice cherry on top though!

  5. 4:49 Com deus me deito, com Deus me levanto, comigo eu calo, comigo eu canto, eu bato um papo eu bato um ponto eu tomo um drinke eu fico tonto

  6. Royce, I like you … but …Australians do the best coffee? It might be good, bud challenge the "best" part. Meet me in Vienna ….

  7. Umm haven’t seen the entire vid yet but daaaang you can sing! Maybe a side gig? 🎤 🎶

  8. This may be an unpopular opinion but it'd be really cool if you could draw out that Michael Buble music a bit longer at the start and make a nice montage as your intro. It has the potential to be super bad ass.

    Try it for your next video! Keep up the amazing content🤙

  9. Hi! I’m trying to find the episode where you showed some stretches to maximize your squat depth. I can’t seem to find it, but I do recall you uploading one.

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