OK Go – Here It Goes Again



  1. Everyone is saying this came out 10yrs ago lol this came out in 2005! I use wait for this mv to come on bc for school so I could do the dance moves lol

  2. This came out 10 years ago on my Mom's 26th birthday. Also, it's a banger and obviously one of the best low budget videos to ever be made.

  3. So…

    You know that one Weezer music video of Pork and Beans that's about internet memes? Well, can they reference this music video during the production?

  4. I just saw you guys live yesterday for the first time! I had never heard of you guys or heard any of your songs before yesterday but I love you guys now!

  5. uh, can someone reupload this in HD? it's so fuzzy. or is this due to digital decay, the loss of data from files over years?

  6. “We need eight treadmills” “why?” “Trust me it’ll be cool”

  7. 10 years ago this masterpiece was made
    YouTube: lets put this in everyone’s recommendations so we can bring back nostalgia of Rockband and Guitar Hero

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