No Gym Full Body Workout



  1. Interesting and possibly effective as a cardio but he did not get THAT body doing these exercises!

  2. I did it once and found it kinda easy but then I tried doing it again straight after and didn’t make it past press ups

  3. Nice video. I've been following a new program and I got amazing results. I can't post the link here but you can find it on my channel

  4. Fuck im 17 and my fitness training is harder than that with 20 minute workout for legs, back shoulder and chest they said no need for arm cause most of the exercises have arms already included but of course we get 20 minute break before move to different part.

  5. There's a wild monkey at the rubbish bin at the back digging for food while he's working out.

  6. should this workout be done every day or done every other day? in essence how often should you be doing this workout and if there is a gap what should we do to fill the gap inbetween

  7. I do this with a minute between the rounds and Its devastating. It drains me like for real! I can manage only 4 rounds with a 1 minute rest between the rounds… 🙁

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