New Weight Watchers Freestyle Program – Explained! 2018



  1. Tracy, thank you for covering all the new changes for us. I was wondering if WW reached out to you to trial the New changes? I am in a situation where I am on program without paying for online or meetings. If it wasn't for You Tube I would really be all alone. I have lost 12 pounds in about 3 weeks!!! I started eating mostly lean protein veggies and fruit Greek yogurt and lots of water because I found a UK channel 💞 explaining the new changes.

  2. I am going go on it tomorrow I am doing the online one so I will let you know how my first week gos ok

  3. Can someone please tell me the food points formula so I can calculate my food points?

  4. They added corn to the 0 point list… how is that going to work? You can eat unlimited amounts of corn? It's very high in carbs.

  5. Don’t worry about saying “free!” This is your channel and we all love watching you! Let any negative feedback just roll off and keep being YOU! You’re amazing and we appreciate all you do for the WW community! 💗

  6. Oh I didn't know I could go to a meeting. I thought I had to pay to go to a meeting since I am on line only. I'm mexican so I can have fat free beans everyday and never get tired. Plus it helps my hypoglycemia. Fat Free Beans here I come! 🤣
    Thank You for this video!!🤗
    I was on WW once before. I always felt deprived. Then my hypoglycemia needs protein with complex carbs and the protein used to be high in points. But now I can have those proteins. This is day 5 for me and I don't feel deprived. But I am skeptical whether I will lose because I feel full. We will see when I weigh in!! Thanks for all your videos, I am learning alot from them and getting good ideas on how and what to eat!

  7. Question, is the zero point on only one serving? If I eat 2 serving of a zero point food would I then add points?? Thanks!!

  8. I am binge watching you lol An when an IF I get ready to try Freestyle again….. you An the skinny on weight loss girls will be the ones I learn from 🙂

  9. I notice you kept correcting yourself when you said free to 0 points. Is there a problem with calling them "free"?

  10. I was lucky because I follow people online that we’re doing the beta so it made sense to me! That would’ve stressed me out! Lol

  11. Do you meal prep? I would be interested in prepping some meals in advance. Sorry if you have a video out there that I missed. Looking forward to more of your videos. Love them! Love you!

  12. Hello, trying to do on my own, no funds to join. How many points do I get at my weight of 230? Please help guide me. You can message me. Thank you!!

  13. I just want to go back to Winning Points from the 90's. They seem to change every year to make you buy new products

  14. Thanks for the video! So, I'm also "broken" when it comes to eating! I'm glad it's not just me! I totally fell off the WW wagon after being unemployed and depressed. But, I just started back and was at meeting this evening. I'll look forward to your videos, thanks! WE GOT THIS! 🙂

  15. I like that it makes me think long and hard about sugar. If I start eating sweets, it becomes a habit so quickly and I really overdo it. And also to be mindful about carb portions. If I eat a normal portion of carbs, I am fine and satisfied but if I eat too much I feel hungry again within an hour.

  16. I joined 2 weeks ago on line .I'm having a hard time figuring the app. I'd like to post daily of what and how I feel .l see lots of other people post. I see no place to add water. I track food ,I can't write daily my feelings.

  17. What I will never understand is why does WW find the need to change to program every year. If WW really worked they wouldn't need to keep changing the plan every year. It is just a way for them to make money. I joined WW over 10 years ago and have been following the same plan since day 1 of joining and never followed their new plans year after year and I have been a lifetime member only after a year of joining back 10 years ago. WW really should just stick to one plan but I guess if they did they wouldn't be able to make any money.

  18. Intuitive eating. Takes awhile to learn the satisfied not full feeling and only eating when you're actually hungry. Works though when you learn the feelings. And so many great zero point foods!!

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