New Intermittent fasting study tackles the 48 hour fast!



  1. Their studies are so flawed. They should compare EF results with sugar burners vs fat adapted people. Big difference. The fat adapted guys will not get angry.

  2. I started a 48 hours fast and now I'm in my 66 hours fast . I'm pushing to 72 hour since no hunger pangs. I'm used to intermittent and 24 hour dry fasting so I guess that's why I had no problem doing the 48 hour. Thanks for this video ,validates everything you experience when doing longer fasting.

  3. Quite clear and are based on trustworthy evidence presentation.Impressed by your talking.Also, impressed from the fact that fasting for 48 days is so beneficial.Because i'm on fasting over 30 hours, and i feel awesome!!

  4. I agree with cathy 111363… keep your plans to yourself and you keep the power… It's also fun to know exactly what the deal is and not let the cat out of the bag…

  5. Agree with cathy111363… keep your plans to yourself, and you keep the power… It's also fun to know exactly what the deal is but not let the cat out of the bag…

  6. Those people became angry because they were forced to ingest their roids on an empty stomach.

  7. today is my first time trying 48 hours fasting I already done 16/8 and 24 hours fasting ,currently I reach 40 hours and I got 8 hours to go
    I’m in the gym right now and I feel great full of energy and very active

  8. The anger is probably an evolutionary left over. It is probably an agressive drive (most likely to hunt and forage) that manifests itself as anger in our modern world. Dont feed a wild wolf for 2 days and see how nice he is to other animals. Or they were just plain old HAngry…….

  9. I can totally see how people would get angry trying a fast for the first time

    it takes at least one week to get used to the Lifestyle of fasting

    also I don't see why fasting is always put together with working out

    I am not considering myself working out I don't lift bra lol

    I'm just normal fasting where i only eat once a day

    but right now I am starting on only eating every other day so wish me luck?

  10. What this study was telling me is that being there first fast, they were still burning glycogen and not Keytone’s which caused them to be Hangry or as some say hungry and angry at the same time.

  11. On a very low carb diet 48 hour fasts are a very easy. I do regular 48 hour fasts and find I really enjoy the days without food.

  12. Wow ! So informative. Weldone ….. I just recently started watching your videos & l got so motivated. Am actually on my 6th day of intermmitent fasting.
    Thank you

  13. Just did a 46 hour fast. Been doing IF for about a year but this was the longest fast yet. Two workouts during the fast, and it was not a big deal. I NEVER thought I would be able to go two days without food a little over a year ago. It's a lifestyle habit now. Food has never taste so good!

  14. How the heck u got energy to workout after fasting for 40+ hours? I would pass out at first warm up set lmfao

  15. Anger is a form of aggression, something that would have been important to ancient man when he was hunting for animals to eat after going a long period of time without food, because he was on a a forced fast.?

  16. I'm am dyslexic until I am in a fasted state. I read and spell much better until I break my fast. This has encouraged me to try going 24hrs or at least until I'm home from work. I like the way it feels to see thing the way other people do.

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