Netflix Series ‘Insatiable’ About Fat-Shaming Revenge Draws Major Backlash



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  2. I'm sorry inside Edition you look from the fucken saying I'm so so so so sorry from this video to Tasty quite good you should try watching it before you start working the take it down ok I love this channel I would not do anything the heard it I live in New Zealand that I'm 10

  3. This show is lit ngl and I’m so excited for season 2 coming out🤭 and it’s not like their fat shaming anyone!! It’s a teen drama tv show lmaooo
    You have a option to watch it or not if you don’t wanna watch it,don’t it’s not that hard.

  4. I personally didn’t like it just because it was a trashy show, the characters personalities were unbelievable and it just wasn’t realistic lol

  5. I liked this movie, I mean I don’t think their fat shaming. This movie it’s honestly how life is! No ones forced to watch it!

  6. Everything is labeled as *blank*shaming. How about you get over your fat hurt feelings. If you weren't aware that being fat isn't good, but is actually unhealthy, you wouldn't feel ashamed. Shame is your mind's way of telling you to do something about it. Get healthy, you're dragging down the healthcare and insurance systems.

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