My Workout Routine!



  1. We the viewers wanna see the gym! One of the funniest serious videos I’ve seen in a while though, those fail video inserts are unreal funny lmfao. Also click on my account let me know what you think!

  2. One thing I don't like about mudjugs is don't have scrap tip like a water bottle. Lol. I know. There round. But I LOVE YALLLLLLLL

  3. You should have grabbed a can of stoker's Wintergreen I just started trying stoker's and I'm digging the stoker's mint the winter green it good not as harsh on the grill as grizzly

  4. Darcy, I got my Olive drab MudJug bundle in the mail today, and was blown away by the quality of your products! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  5. Pre-workout, protein, and creatine. That’s really all you need. You’re totally right, and of course a supplement that helps with a pump doesn’t hurt. STICK TO THE BASICS BOYS

  6. Hey Bud, I'm guessing you don't dose Creatine pre/post and/or Glutamine for recovery? I've always thought those 2 specifically have been basic and automatic since the 90's? Curious as to your thoughts on those 2 Amino Acids in general? For me personally, Creatine defintely helps me push out extra reps with far less burn of lactic acid, while Glutamine cuts recovery time in half damn near! Cheers!

  7. Hey Mudjug1! Any way the Trump mudjug is still available? I saw it on one of outlaws videos and it looks badass!

  8. First, tell Chris to just donate one MJ to the troops on my behalf. That way, he gives away a Jug, the troops get a freebie, and I don't gotta look at that guy's ugly fuckin mug or listen to his stupid voice.

    It's a win win win situation.

    Yes please show us your gym

    When you call these videos "My Workout Routine", that title implies that you are going to actually demonstrate exercises.
    Obviously, I feel like I've been misled a little bit

    Now, what if I don't like to eat chicken tits? Or rice?

    I like peas carrots green beans and corn.

    I hate broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts squash any beans that aren't green tomatoes etc.

    Can I still eat bacon? I don't want to live if I can't eat bacon

    Can you show us your actual routine?

  9. I finally got some tough guy dip, I think the cinnamon is gonna replace cope wintergreen as everyday dip, also just ordered some mug jugs for the first time gonna use in the squad car!

  10. Hey darcy,
    Whats your opinion on this keto diet that everyone is talking about? Also it would be cool to see your home gym and routine.

  11. Just got my Freedom Stealth Mudjug in the mail and I fucking love it. Quality is amazing. Keep it up!

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