My Weight Loss And Why I Finally Decided To Make The Change



  1. I have a thing for fatties so size isn't really a problem for me (I'm skinny though), but congrats, it's always better to be in a size in which you feel better, the issue with the whole 'fat acceptance' thing is that people interpret the whole "acceptance" thing as "You should accept yourself and be happy the size you are, even if it's painful to do even the most basic things".

  2. That's awesome man. Not gonna lie as a subscriber I've wondered about all you've addressed and good you are doing the natural way. That surgery you refer to, ppl don't look right after and it sounds more problematic.

    I've never had a weight issue. If anything I've always had trouble gaining it for whatever reason. My metabolism I guess but, that aside you resonated with me about my past where I needed to be ready to make right decisions for myself and those I am responsible for. Ones that were hard and even harder to see at first. Like you, it was that one person who in a way was someone who reached down to pull me out of the pit I helped dig. My will to survive was diminishing from an abusive relationship. I was also admitidly at the time an enabler to my ex, which was destroying my life. But it was hard to reach out or grasp how I arrived to that point. Or worse, how to get out. How to return to my world that I left behind. The clinch was, when I saw the person I was with was at the point of no return and I have a responsibility that means so much to me that I knew I had to protect. And you're right, the decision to make great change doesn't happen immediately and you won't do it till you feel you can and want to.

    Keep on the path man. Very happy you are taking steps to live life better and longer.

  3. Keep up the good work rich, i know ho hard can it be the fact that you cant trust your brain when it comes to accepting yourself when in reality you are not ok cucumbers are healthy so it's good that you keep one always close to you lol

  4. Nice work Rich! I recently decided to start losing weight too. I’m on week 3 of the One Meal A Day diet. Your body gets used to it after the first few days. I’m losing fat. I’m keeping muscle. I’m drinking apple cider vinegar twice a day. I now weigh less than 190 lbs. I see a different face in the mirror now and that alone is worth the fight.

  5. Either your grooming has improved (on your jaw) or you have lost weight! Good job dude! (I used to be healthy but I struggle with it now – I will try harder.)

  6. That's awesome Rich!!! I started out at just over 435 lb and in 2 and a half weeks I'm down to 400 lb. I started for the first 3 days using IF (Intermittent Fasting) which is where you have an 8-hour eating window and then you fast for 16 hours. You still have to be a caloric deficit but taking out all sugar from your diet while doing this will switch your body from Sugar burning for energy to fat burning for energy. Also when you fast you give your digestion time to rest and heal. After 3 days of this style, I swapped to OMAD (One Meal a Day) which basically means you can eat as much as you want in one meal but still cut all sugar carbs. Your body already produces carbs naturally in the body so taking excess from food sources only makes your body store it as fat.

  7. At least you have reason to lose weight. You have friends, family, followers. I have none of these. Nobody will care when I die.

  8. What's strange is because I watch you regularly & have been for years now the weight loss didn't seem that drastic, but yeah only after you showing those pics it's extremely apparent that you've lost a crap tone of weight.Congrats man,keep it up👍

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