1. Your videos are always so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing. I can definitely tell you take time for your stuff! Love the content ❤️

  2. You should do more videos to see how you workout your legs are so toned on the recent haul with the yellow honey top amazing body

  3. how did you design your workout plan? was it created for you by a trainer? i'm curious about how you find and combine these different exercises! do you change this workout often to prevent plateaus?

  4. Okay, so I know I’m kind late on the post but iv just recently started watching All your videos and I love your work out top if you see this please let me know where you got your work out outfit ???

  5. Can you do a routine of what you do after your workout? Hygiene wise? Do you use dry shampoo? Do you wash your hair everyday? Do you wash your face after

  6. omg I wish I had the length of your hair omg. your hair is so shiny and looks so silky and long and it looks like you really take care of it.?

  7. On my block was such a good show! Could you do a video on workout outfits. Which leggings are squat proof.

  8. Just subscribed to your channel love YOU, BINGED YOUR VIDS, also love your Gym workout clothing. ?❤??

  9. Omg show us the way your new beauty room drawers!❤️ this video is inspiring me to get back into powerlifting this summer, I can’t wait ????‍♀️

  10. AMY!! HOW IS YOUR HOUSE SO CLEAN LIKE THAT!! My apartment is so small yet its always messy! Like I clean everything up but the next day its BOOM! All dusty and messy again 🙁

  11. You said that you can not selftan your face any more because it clogges your pores. I really love the Dior Bronze Self Tanning Jelly Face 50 ml, know it is expensive but it does not settle in my pores and absolutly no streaks❤️❤️❤️ you should give it a try

  12. Omg! I’m definitely checking out your skin routine as well! I loved this video! ?

  13. I have been following you religiously (like buying all of your recommended make up products, skin care routines, hair care routines and learning about macros and eating healthy) for years and following you on all social media as well! You and Stephanie have been KILLING IT with your weight loss journey as well as serving looks, both of you are hair and bod goals ? Keep it up babes ?

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