My Results On Beyonce's INTENSE Coachella Diet (FAST Weight loss)



  1. I had to stop using instagram for months because I was having disordered eating and body dysmorphia issues. Thanks for this wonderful video. Many young people like me before can easily be manipulated by these fake fitness insta models. Right now Im in much better shape, doing regular exercise and slowly overcoming my disordered eating (((: subscribed by the way, love the vid!!

  2. I can look 2 completely different weights just with shadows. Facing away from light creates shadows accentuating any lumps/bulges. Bright light smooths and makes it harder to see depth.

  3. Coachella Diet= Faces glued to their phones taking selfies so no one eats…for days..because Insta baby!!!!

  4. I would love a video on inflamed stomach. I bloat after eating (particularly certain foods) to the extent that if the paparazzi caught me walking out of a restaurant my gut would be on the cover of a magazine with a big question mark over it 😂

  5. Theres this famous fitness celebrity shes been around for awhile she had tv shows I have all her books & DVDs. Well shes gone through some stuff & she let herself go. But now shes making a comeback with this older bikini program lose 15lbs a month. Well she'll be going great then just fall off the wagon. Make a video explaining that she quit working out but she going to get right back into it. Thing is losing that much weight isnt possible healthy weight loss is 1lb to 1.5lbs a week. You have to be patient & shes over 50 I'm 48 the stuff that worked for me at 30 no longer works anymore. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. I like her so much but I want to shake her & tell her to stop it. I'm afraid for her mentally bc people will leave comments like you cant even do this plan.

  6. I never buy into the before and after to the point I didnt watch this video for two days. I should have trusted you more 😂

  7. I love that you’re ripped but have PCOS because there’s morbidly obese women who use that as an excuse… 🤔

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