My Fat Burning CARDIO WORKOUT | What you NEED to do to Burn Fat



  1. Definitely watched during 30 minutes of walking! This was very entertaining and educational! New subscriber!♥️

  2. i don’t get it… 6kph would have me at a jogging speed alr. short legs problem? lol

  3. 2 minutes in and I've already liked and commented because that was the best 2 minutes of Bear Grylls I've ever watched in my life

  4. You’ve done it again mate! Love your work and the effort you have been going to create entertaining videos. We know the effort behind making videos and what you do is next level! Entertainment King of Fitness for real… is there an award for that shit?

  5. Your a beast but when your in Australia don’t say loose pound in week loose kilo in a week but your a professional keep it up mate

  6. i do hiit and cardio some days, i’m weighing in between 174-184 different everyday! 6’0 Male,19, is there such thing as losing to many calories? thank you!

  7. do more videos like these and topics on diet and getting single digit bodyfat! You give out the best information and ideas. Thanks

  8. What about a combo of HIIT and LISS during the week say something like 1-2 HIIT and 3-4 LISS during the week? Or is that dumb?

  9. I've just started working on my fitness in the last month! Thank you so much for your content, it's made things a billion times easier. Keep it up 🙂

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