My Daily Fitness Routine // How I Keep off 45 lbs at Home!



  1. Ok I know some people get irritated by sponsored content but GIRRRRLLL good for you for getting major sponsors! Way to kill it! Plus… more sponsors = higher quality content for us. So win win!

  2. I’ve lost 28lbs from at home workouts and diet changes. it’s really true that you don’t need a gym for weight loss like people think!!

  3. Love this video, so much great information & motivation I need to keep pushing through this challenge! Thank you! #sleigh also, adding that watch to my Christmas list! @katiethelady_lsf

  4. I needed to hear SO much of this. I'm nearing the end of Week 1 of the HBSG and meal plan and I've been feeling bigger than ever and not really feeling myself but this gives me the motivation to stick it out and get to the other side of the first few weeks!

  5. Loves this video! Also could you do a video showing us your workout clothes and where you get thern? I need to ge tmore clothes and I'm wondering where you get yours thanks!!!

  6. I was always told that I have to wait an hour to eat or drink anything other than water after taking my thyroid medication. Have you ever been told that or is that an individual rule kind of thing?

  7. "Sleigh!" (@saraann0087_lsf) Thanks for all the great videos you share Katie! Loving this holiday challenge!😍💜🛷⛄

  8. Sleigh!
    Water upon waking is huge for me! I also make sure I’m really listening to my hunger cues. I have found that eating just because I “should” isn’t what’s best for me.

  9. Anyone else having trouble using the LSF app?? I don’t have a subscription but I thought the Sleigh the Holiday challenge was supposed to be free? When I click “let’s get sweaty” to begin the workout I’m just taken to the subscription page. Anyone else have the same problem or know what I’m doing wrong?

  10. Just got home from work so couldn’t get in the first 50 😔 but Sleigh 🛷anyways! Love Katie’s videos 💕

  11. Sleigh girl!! So impressive with your routine. I’ve been wanting to start my mornings with some lemon water before the coffee. Morning workouts are my jam. It’s just the best thing for me to get my day going. And not to mention my mood. It’s like night & day and it’s very noticeable when I don’t get a sweat session in. #lsfsleigh has been so fun!! @littlelobosfitness

  12. Sleighing is exactly what I needed this season!! I love all of your videos!! Thank you for all your videos!! IG cludwig_lsf

  13. Thank you for sharing all those tips with us 💪🏼❤️ might not be in the first 50 but just for the try "SLEIGH". I love this challenge. It gives me so much energy and self-confidence✨ (@chloe_lsfteam)

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