My Back Workout



  1. This video was WAY better then the AB one…no creepy old guy following you around the gym???

  2. I do these workouts too. But the thing is I have these fucked up calices on my hand and they hurt like a bitch. Also my diet is terrible and I feel like I have no way of stopping myself from eating. What do you normally eat pre or post workout?

  3. Am I the only one who wants to see the actual progress of his workouts? Like the muscle he has gained from it?

  4. Dam gattor got those adidas and u be ready to mess some creepy bum from some type of horror story

  5. Yo that back workout was beastly, you gonna end up looking like one of them natural bodybuilders soon if you keep this up, keep on grinding Gattor.

  6. I wish the gym was empty when i work out.. what time do you go the gym? I love the soothing music by the way. A nice change from the bombastic music in EVERY other workout video

  7. Yeah also to answer your question, yeah, when you use your body and momentum to pull yourself up it isn’t a pull-up cause it’s not efficient and is really bad form and most people do it and it isn’t really a full pull-up, it’s like a cheat pull-up basically

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