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  1. So much high maintenance stuff! I spend an 1&1/2 getting ready.. My hubby would kill me if I was your level of high maintenance! Hair extensions, wax, etc. . Girl – lazer it all (only two treatments for "down there" so a razor works fine , but you still have something.. embrace your own hair. Use coconut oil on eyelids (to remove night time makeup) and lashes will be full without adding fakes all the time,.. etc. Dang so much add-ons!

  2. Casey I freaking love your background/decor for all of your videos it’s so gorgeous!! And gives me life lol!

  3. My boyfriend broke his Apple Watch, I’m going to Apple this week to get it fixed for him but i just ordered him that case for his bday. Haha thanks Casey!! Xoxo

  4. Hey Casey, I’m a packing cube convert. Tell you why:
    1) things stay folded nicely
    2) can remove just the cube you need depending on whether you organize by category or by event etc
    3) can compress folded clothes in and it definitely saves space by compressing!

  5. Omg! Has anyone ever told you, you look like jessica Simpson and a little of britney spears mix?!!

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