My 92 Pound Weight Loss Transformation – Before and After Pictures and Videos



  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! 1 million views in a month! OMG, seriously insane! Love you guys so much! If you want to follow my little reality show – I share my daily life on IG at @myadventuretofit – see you there <3

  2. The journey is about becoming the true you that unique person who is motivated, determined and strong enough to succeed. ??❤️?????‍♀️

  3. Is it me or I just watch all these videos of people losing weight and I say I am too but instead I’m over here being a couch potato ??

  4. You not only changed your own life, but you changed the course of your children's lives too! They now have a wonderful healthy role model! Bravo xoxo

  5. WELL DONE, GIRL! you must feel that you can make everything you want to achieve in life! Regards from Spain

  6. yas girl yas! I started last year and while the process like you said is sooo slow. I lost 40 pounds last year, trying to lose the other 40 to reach my goal! Beachbody works! that's how i started and I'm continuing with it this year!! To new year resolutions! To saying enough is enough! love watching videos like this, keep me motivated!

  7. Thank you for this video. I have recently started working out. Your video is a great motivation to carry on.

  8. I've been on my own weightloss journey since end of March or so last year. I was roughly 220 when I decided to make a change and a few weeks ago weighed myself at 168! Its been a slow process and not always the easiest, but it feels like a lifestyle change now. I'm proud of and inspired by you. Congratulations love, you did it!

  9. I’m trying to figure out how can this amazing girl have 1k ??. What she accomplished is a life changing experience and good for her! Not only did she change her life style but also did it with little kids! As a mom… I’m so proud of this woman. You go girl!??❤️

  10. My weight at 165 does NOT look like your stomach. I look bigger than your photo. I'm trying to lose 25 pounds and is the hardest thing ever! Thank you for inspiring me. I started exercising 2 weeks ago only for my scale to go up omg!!!

  11. If you were obese, but you lost a lot of weight, that doesn't necessarily mean you are now "fit." Thin doesn't necessarily mean physically fit… Healthier doesn't necessarily mean healthy.

  12. Watched this last night when I wasn't feeling motivated to workout. The second it was done, I was ready and did a three mile power walk. Thank you for the incredible inspiration! You are AMAZING!!! ??? Liked and subscribed ?

  13. Deam I watched your video while I was resting after a hard workout and I want to go through another one. Truly inspiring, you look beautiful, never quit!!!

  14. 1 MILLION and 1! You are an inspiration. I've been battling the last 20 pounds for a year. Your comment made me realize I need to seriously look within. Cheers ??

  15. My gosh girl!!!!! You did great! No you did awesome and you deserve all the love you get❤️?

  16. Great job! The most stunning transformation is your smile. It's even more beautiful getting bigger when everything else is shrinking. You are an inspiration to women everywhere. Thank you for sharing your very personal journey!

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