1. I am also glad I see a person not “perfect” who does absolutely great while working out.. you get tired and you do alternatives which makes me adore you ?? YOU ARE A HUMAN YAYYYY ?

  2. I LOVE this song ?? I heard it first time on @AshleyBrooke ‘s video.. another YouTuber I absolutely adore and thanks to her I’ve started a healthier lifestyle 🙂

  3. I think I died and came back! Loving this quick workout. It’s perfect right before I go to work!

  4. Just did this! This was a tough one but proud that I did it. Thankyou for keeping us motivated during the entire workout!Im going to incorporate this at least once a week.❤?

  5. Can't believe how tired I got after just one round.. 
    Thank u for this video! <3

  6. I have seen so many people on youtube and I am no critic to say who is the best but if i was, i'd say – you're the most real and ab- lisious (that's not a word,but ok) person here! Thank you!!

  7. Thought this wasn’t too bad and then did the 2nd set… whooooo I am struggling! Feels good to finish though. Thanks for this!!

  8. such a good workout! one thing that helped me was once i got the move down i turned away from the screen so i wouldn't focus on the timer

  9. Loved this quick but VERY EFFECTIVE workout. I did it this morning! I also loved how u went along with us through the whole workout. Most people just do it once and say repeat it twice. It felt like u were right beside us lol.

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