Ms. Bikini Olympia Attempts the US Navy Physical Test



  1. I would let either of them spit in my butthole while I tugged on my pecked like a gorilla with rabies.

  2. Hasn't done abs in 3 years=has ridiculous 8 pack! Comon now! That's just not fair. Lol running is great for your abs though!

  3. Hi! I'm a naval Sea Cadet, and I just took my physical readiness test the other day. It was a mile run in 12:51, kinda like this just a little less. It was enjoyable to watch this video and somewhat relatable!

  4. Where’s the tear gas training and the under water rope untie. And the 5 mile jog with 300 pounds. Lol jk

  5. The easiest physical test. Especially for women. I remember only needing to do 19 push-ups at a certain age… I did 120 because I was a try hard. Hahaha

  6. So.. all this in a minute and half? The AF I had to do it in 1 minute. But the real issue. .we are all one team one fight…so why the fuck is their different requirements? If you're 21 and a dude, and this woman is 33…but you're doing THE EXACT SAME JOB…why are the physical requirements different? It always bothered me then, it bothers me is bullshit and makes no sense.

  7. The pushup spectator position is genius… too bad she doesnt have them.

  8. I don’t mean to sound like a jackass but 11.14 on the mile and 1/2 is really not that good. It’s around a 7.20 mile pace which is ok but I know plenty of people that could run the whole thing in about 8 minutes or so

  9. Her body is my body goals haha. She said no training abs since 3 years she still has the abs. I’ve trained in a couple years still never get that abs lol

  10. Eh…her elbows are going outward (making it easier) when doing push ups when they should be more pinned to her sides.

  11. “An eighth of the way around times 6 which is… 1/42 or the way around” 😂 my man be failing 2nd grade

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